Sony’s Acquisition of Insomniac Mirrors Microsoft’s Aggressive Expansion

Published on August 30, 2019

We all are excited with the latest news of Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac games. Kotaku revealed on Monday that Sony had purchased Insomniac Games, a production studio with a legacy of operating on Sony’s franchise systems, such as Ratchet & Clank and PlayStation 4’s latest, highly popular (and pretty great) Spider-Man.

Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac games

Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac games: Image source

This large purchase remains a pattern of hardware producers consolidating their products by buying theaters to bring first-party developers to their stability. Microsoft has acquired a significant number of offices in recent years, including Obsidian Entertainment and Double Fine Psychonauts developer. It seems like a step in these volatile moments to strengthen the achievement of potential console initiatives by maintaining most of the costs and revenues in-house, although one has to ask what the overall impact will be on brand variety and production.

GameStop remains with a massive layout downward descent

We probably don’t need to explain to you that in the age of digital distribution, GameStop, once the leading video game retailer in the United States, had a tough time. The business remains to be a marine in a pocket that’s mostly dead— and not cost-free. As Kotaku says this week (they’re great at this, okay?), GameStop has taken away a bunch of individuals, including over a hundred from its business divisions and about half of Game Informer’s employees, a well-known print videogame publication— one of GameStop’s last — owned.

It’s a fairly severe blow to brick-and-mortar supporters as well as supporters of excellent videogame journalism, as GameStop’s inventory keeps falling and its potential seems progressively hazy. Obviously, the firm expects the layoffs to help it streamline itself, but in a long line of alarm indications, it is difficult not to see them as another.

Finally, as Rock Paper Shotgun described, Valve is working together to release a specifically tailored variant of its Steam service to China. The region has specific rules and regulations on video games that do not operate in other areas, creating a bad match for Steam’s worldwide service— which is accessible, albeit by dubious means, and is always at risk of being banned. Now, Valve is working with Perfect World, their Chinese publisher, to launch the Steam Platform, a basic platform with a curated set of approved games to be widely launched on the Chinese market. The launch deadline is not yet scheduled, but some of the 40 titles scheduled for launch are already known. These include FTL, Raft, and Subnautica, Dota 2, Dota Underworlds, and indie favorites.

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Insomniac Acquisition News isn’t Surprise

The acquisition news is not entirely surprising: Insomniac has always had a close relationship with Sony, producing exclusive PlayStation games such as Spyro the Dragon, Resistance, and the recent Ratchet & Clank and Spider-Man, allowing a lot of distinction to take Insomniac back as a first-party editor. That said, Insomniac has also partnered with other companies in recent years— especially producing Sunset Overdrive (one of Xbox One’s earliest exclusive computers) with Microsoft, as well as Stormland, Oculus’ open-world VR match.

Shawn Lavden, Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, said, “Insomniac Games is one of the most recognizable production companies in the industry and has an unprecedented heritage of world-class gameplay and history.” For many years, we have had a strong relationship and we are very pleased to formally introduce this to the Worldwide Studios Company, which is reaffirming our dedication.

What’s Future of Insomniac Games with Sony?

The acquisition contains the 14th desk now under the auspices of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, including Guerrilla Games and Dreams, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Media Molecule, the Little Big Planet developer.

In recent years, Insomniac has collaborated with Sony solely on the company’s consoles, publishing its collection of Spyro Dragon & Ratchet & Clank, while the Spider-Man debut was on PlayStation 4 only last year.

“Insomniac Games is one of the most renowned developments in the industry and its heritage of the most prestigious history and entertainment,” said Sony Shawn Layden, President of SIE. In cooperation with SIE WWS San Mateo Studio, Insomniac was the first managed by its leadership group.

“Since our very inception, we have had a special relationship with PlayStation. Our partnership is expanding our ability, and Marvel’s Spider-Man has been a homage to this. Together with our many WWS staff, we are happy to bring this next stage in our development. Most importantly, we hope to present new ideas to our supporters” said Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac.

Final Words

So, what are the gamers who take advantage of the big-time offices that absorb them? Our favorite players can now focus on adventure initiatives theoretically, without worrying about cutting their electricity. But developers now need to be part of the same initiatives and are often caught up in what the company wants to do. We’re just telling you that… Let’s not welcome the strengthening march until we see what games we’re coming up with.

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Sony’s acquisition of Insomniac games
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