Google Fit Health App, now available on app store!

Published on April 24, 2019

Google-owned Google Fit app got revamped entirely last year in August with a material theme and a focus on two new metrics. Now this health and activity tracking application is soon coming to iOS with full Apple Health syncing.

The revamped Google Fit has now focused on “smart activity goals.” which Google created with American Heart Association. Now minutes and moves all would be recorded for physically active like walking, yoga, chores, etc.

The new Google Fit app will provide more precise data like now the Heart Point is aimed at capturing more moderate activity, like a “brisk walk that’s over 100 steps per minute.” And intense workout will conduct two points/minute and both the profiles would be visible in your profile in the form of rings or circular loops. The application will measure the step count, calories, and miles underneath with such detailed and bifurcated graphs.

Image Credit: 9to5Google

Google Fit

Image Credit: 9to5Google

To make it more useful, Google has added some goals or enhancement parameters with which the app will serve you with a goal or target for each day based on current progress. The application is in a stronghold with Apple Health; the steps and distance part is taken from the Apple Health app. If a user is wearing an Apple Watch, then this Fit app will fetch the health stats automatically directly from the Apple watch.

The Journal tab of the application will provide an overview of the activities performed by users like afternoon guided breathing, running, walking, yoga, sleep and much more. No doubt, the majority of data and details are due to the bold connection between Google Fit and Apple Health app.

Google Fit can also fetch data from other health apps like Nike Run Club, Headspace, etc. A FAB in the bottom right corner will help users to manually record activities, while the profile tab will help the user to manage and sync the daily operations and goals.

From today onwards Google Fit is available for all users, but point to be focused is how many users will be going to use Google Fit instead of Apple Health. From some point, this Google-owned application sounds nice but on a general note why iOS users will shift them from the default one to the one used by everyone in Android.

This Fit app is just an aggregator of health data instead of a creator. Beyond its collaboration with Apple Health, the Google Health app is serving move minutes, heart points and even step counts. But now the app is promising to serve the best and accurate details of your health in a single click. The only click option of Journal will help the user to fetch all day activity and updates.

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