Sonos Releases Ace Headphones with Cinema-Sound Feature

Published on May 21, 2024

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi noise-canceling headphones aim to surpass Apple and Bose by offering the ultimate private film experience.

Sonos, the Wi-Fi hi-fi manufacturer, has unveiled its long-awaited Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones, the Ace, designed to deliver a superior private cinema sound system experience, whether at home or on the go.

At first glance, the Ace appears to be sleek, understated headphones. However, they boast a unique feature: with the press of a button, they can connect to a compatible Sonos soundbar via Wi-Fi to provide a full cinema sound experience without disturbing others in the household.

The soundbar can simulate the acoustics of your room while using the head-tracking sensors in the headphones, making it feel as if you aren’t wearing them at all.

The headphones fold flat and come with a compact case for travel. Photograph: Sonos

Unlike competitors from Apple and others, this audio transfer feature works with TV shows, films, gaming consoles, or any other content streamed through the soundbar.

On the go, the Ace competes with traditional headphones from leading brands like Bose, Sony, and Apple. They are equipped with eight microphones for effective noise-canceling and beam-forming for voice calls. Custom 40mm drivers, fine-tuned in collaboration with over 50 top-tier music producers, ensure precise, high-fidelity audio.

Giles Martin, a Grammy award winner and head of sound experience for Sonos, stated: “Headphones must provide an enjoyable listening experience that isn’t overly bright or accentuated in any particular area. They need to be honest and transparent, so we’ve built the Ace from the ground up to sound as true to the source material as possible.”

The ear cushions are held in place by magnets, making them easy to replace. Photograph: Sonos

The Ace support standard Bluetooth 5.4 for connections to Android and iOS devices, tablets, and other gadgets. They also support lossless audio playback over Bluetooth with Snapdragon Sound-certified Android devices or via a USB-C connection, and Dolby Atmos spatial audio from compatible devices and services for films on the move.

They connect to the new, albeit controversial, Android and iOS Sonos app for customization and soundbar features, including an advanced equalizer. The headphones offer up to 30 hours of noise-canceling playback between charges and recharge via USB-C.

The plush over-ear headphones are constructed from recycled plastics and feature replaceable ear cushions and a serviceable battery.

The Ace headphones will be available in black or white starting 5 June, priced at £449 (€499/$449/A$699).

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