Snapchat Finally Allows You to Add Music to Your Snaps

Published on October 19, 2020
Source: [Snap]

Snapchat is finally adding music. The company updated its app with a new feature called, believe it or not, ‘Sounds’. The new feature lets you add songs that play with your posts. It’s currently available now to all of Snapchat users on Apple’s iPhone platform. Android support is more than likely coming soon.

The update was testing in August of this year, and it’s a lot like Instagram’s music feature. So, you’ll be able to browse a curated selection of licensed songs and add the corresponding clip to your snap. Then, when others open your snap with music, they will be able to swipe up to get more info about the song or even open it in a music streaming app.

At the moment, there aren’t many tracks available to choose from. There is one from Justin Bieber that’s a Snapchat ‘exclusive’, though. So don’t expect Snapchat’s music selection to be nearly as comprehensive as TikTok or Instagram’s. It’s important to remember, however, that Snapchat has landed several multi-year deals with music labels. This will help the company fill out its music catalog.

Snapchat is also working on another TikTok-like feature. This next one will let you add your own sounds to snaps. That update is expected in a few months.

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