SimpliSafe Review – A Complete Wireless Home Security System

Published on October 9, 2019

SimpliSafe Home Security System is the protection for the whole home. It provides protection for every window, door and room in every equipped home with it. It provides the security against the fires, water damage, intruders as well as medical emergency situation with many other systems to maximize the security situation of home. It is being functionally monitored by the professionals which are always ready to call for the police in case of some state of emergency.

It is currently providing security to over 3 million American homes which is responsible to provide them security from any kind of intrusion protection, monitoring of the home environment as well as the home automation and many more. This is specifically famous for its affordability through the provision of professionally designed security monitoring plans. It provides the range of DIY system where you are owner of your house so you will go to choose packages of your own choice.

Packages Provided by SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe Home Security System provides with three packages around:

  • The Essentials
  • The Hearth
  • The Barrington

With SimpliSafe Home Security System you just need to purchase your equipment. You can go for addition in it by purchasing the professional monitoring where you can go to your choice by going for monthly or yearly subscription.

Plan Provided by SimpliSafe

There are three plans provided and you can go for your choice where the provided plans are:

  • Standard
  • Pro Superior
  • Interactive

Price of SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe Home Security System price ranges from $14.99/mo. – $35.10 per month.

A Brief Overview of the SimpliSafe

Here is the review of the features as well as the equipment in SimpliSafe Home Security System. SimpliSafe Home Security System provides a premium security hardware with the modernized designs. SimpliSafe’s come pre-configured in the market so you can easily make your availability to the situation and can quickly use it for the protection of your house.

It works both with the Wi-Fi and the cellular data which help in making it ensured that you are every time in connection for the security concerns of your home. So, in short, we can say that it is the hub of your home security. System is also equipped with the situation where motion detecting alerts are also available on SimpliSafe Home Security System

Power Backup System

In case of any trouble with the power, then there is also a backup for it which provide 24-hour additional power to it to ensure the security of your home.

Mobile App

It is also comes up with a number of amazing features around where you can use it all the time on your smartphone to get aware of your security all the time. There is an availability of arming and disarming in SimpliSafe Home Security System. With the mobile app provided, you will easily be able to arm and disarm your home security system where you only need to go for a click. There is availability of online footage which would be real time one. It means that you can well aware of the situation of your home by seeing the online footage of your home on your mobile phone.

How SimpliSafe Works?

Here is the mechanism that how it works to provide your home with maximum security. one thing is for sure that it provides the mind with maximum adaptation to peace after getting ensured of your home security. in case, your home security is breached then suddenly a response from the alarm set in your home which is a siren that there are security concerns in your home. Base station wirelessly contacts the SimpliSafe where the monitoring Centre is designed. That will surely contact to get you aware of the concerns or the other contacts which you were provided them. It is absolutely free from any of the contract system which helps you to change subscription any time whenever you need it. But to cancel it, you surely have to call as well as talk to the personally.

Final Words

SimpliSafe Essentials kit is the excellent deal for the new users of SimpliSafe Home Security System to ensure the security of their homes. It provides three entry sensors instead of one or two provisions with an offer of around $260. Crystal clear video can be seen on your mobile of any of the entry to your home any time anywhere. Setup provided is pretty much quick where alert system ensures the maximum approach to home security.

If you are looking for a system to have a louder alarming system so your neighbors must also get aware of the breach as well as well as the professional monitoring support that will also help to alert the authorities. SimpliSafe Essentials kit may be the best option designed for you.

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SimpliSafe Review – A Complete Wireless Home Security System
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