Samsung Galaxy Buds Hands-on Review

Published on October 6, 2019

Samsung has launched a new device that helps the mobile users who need Bluetooth devices or headphones to use their phones and other devices with ease. According to the critics the company has come up with the most convenient to use Bluetooth device that enters your ear as a bud and you do not feel it much to get irritated. The wireless buds provide you with great sound instant pairing of the buds with the devices like phones, iPads and what not. Before this the market was filled with a number of Bluetooth audio devices but none of them seems to be as good as this one.

Samsung also re-did the design, creating a pair of excellent wireless buds that give out great sound, almost instant pairing and more than 5 hours of battery life. Moreover, you can recharge these high tech buds wirelessly with Galaxy Note 10 as well as Samsung Galaxy S10. The quality of call could have been far better than it is now, but holistically speaking the Galaxy Buds successfully gets a good place on the list of high quality wireless earbuds.


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds are a true picture of near-future tech. The alpine-white earphones have a smooth sweat-proof design that signifies elegance and usability. The touchpad are triangular and reflective and are present on the front of the buds, they are more than tempting for the users. They are loved by most of the critics and the users of this bug.

The material used in buds and their rear are made from a matte-finish white plastic. The middle comprises of a white rubber material demarcated by a little wing that helps fit the bud in your ear in a secure manner. An ear-tip is manufactured with white silicone which gives the device a good finish.

The Galaxy Buds ship with two additional pairs of different sizes of tips and wings. In case a tip is too big or too small the company ships the device with two extra tips and wings in two different sizes. Like many other products that come in white color the ear buds also attract a lot of dust so need regular cleaning. The ear wax could also be seen in the white colored bud so the black and yellow buds are expected to attract lesser dirt and wax.

The company ships the product with a white colored charging case 1.4 ounces in weight and with dimensions 2.8×1.5 x 1-inch.


Typically, when we wear wireless buds, especially the AirPods, there’s always this possibility of losing a bud while walking, jogging and running. But with the new Samsung ear buds you don’t have to worry about their loss as they fit in quite firmly.


Unlike many other Bluetooth devices the dimensions and weight of the Galaxy buds are much convenient to use the weight of the bud is 0.2 ounce and the dimensions are 0.7x 0.9 x 0.8 that fit in the ear very well with the wing that rests easily at the back of the ear.


Connecting the Galaxy Buds with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 happens absolutely instantly. In fact, the users have never experienced anything that smooth and convenient since the AirPods. The instance the user places the buds in the ears, he is greeted with a warm welcoming chime. In the mean-time , a notification acknowledging a successful connection flashes on the screen of user’s Cell phone, the battery information about each ear bud also is a part of the screen display. The plug and play convenience and lightning quick response make the buds more than just appealing.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds can be easily used without pairing, but synchronizing and pairing them with the free (iOS, and Android,) the Galaxy Wearables app unlocks a lot of other functions. The app helps you constantly check the battery life of the bud as well as its connection status, it helps in configuring the options of touchpad, and even assists update firmware. It is easy for you to manage the functions of the bud whether it alerts you about new notifications or not.

Audio Performance

In comparison with Apple’s AirPods, which while good, can have a distant, airy quality about them The fullness that the Galaxy Buds delivered on almost every song is much appreciated. When listening to music on the go or watching a game the media quality offered by Samsung buds is matchless.

Battery Life and Bluetooth

According to the claims of the company its 58-mAH battery may last for more than five hours depending on the frequency and type of use of the device. It is far better than many other competitors including Apple.

Connectivity Specifications

Having a Bluetooth 5.0, the Galaxy Buds sport an improved wireless connection than the previous standard. The range of connectivity is also much enhanced and makes the device more convenient.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Hands-on Review
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