Review: You Won’t Find A Better Phone In $445 Than Realme X2 Pro

Published on November 17, 2019

The smartphone market quickly disrupted when Apple hit the first £ 1,000/$1,000 price level with the iPhone X. Shockwaves spread, and there were new segments, it was known as’ premium mid-range’ which was the hotly disputed.

This means those telephone devices with a price of between 400-600 dollars/pound, offering a combination of premium features and value for money. The X2 Pro is the latest effort by the Chinese brand Realme to win more market shares in the west, carefully designed and priced as one of the most high-end options available in the mid-range.

It comes with surround sound speakers, AMOLED 90Hz and 1080p display, five cameras, a huge battery, and metal-glass design. All of this comes in AU$650/$445/€399/£345 price, almost every good feature that one wants to have in his mobile. Then, what’s not so good in it?

However, there is a lot than a list of these features and specifications and we have looked into this promising tool to let you know how it works every day. And the Realme X2 Pro has achieved its work by standing out from the ever-increasing crowd with an equally ravenous competition for some of the ever-increasing market share. Will it survive in the market?

Price and availability

Starts at €399 (around $445 /£345 / AU$650)

The X2 Pro is available in ‘Neptune Blue’ and ‘Lunar White’ colors with the choice of 12GB/256GB, 8GB/128GB and, 6GB/64GB of storage.

It is currently possible to order mobile phones from the UK via Realme’s website, since only European distribution is available for now. The base model costs € 399 and it is currently available for roughly £340 (approximately AU$650/$445).

Key features

The Realme X2 Pro is an incredible phone with a wide range of requirements. The display is AMOLED 1080p+, HDR, 90Hz. The back lens is 64MP, but the end results are 16MP, meaning not full resolution in a Quad-Bayer mode.

The lens is supported by a 13MP f/2.5 3-time telephoto lens, a very close focusing 8MP wide-angle lens and a 2MP portrait depth sensor.

The battery is 4000 mAh, and supports an up-to-date Oppo VOOC charging version, which provides 50W power through the supplied power station and cable. That means full charging is possible in only 30 minutes, certainly better than the 5W adapter provided by the iPhone 11.

The sound microphone of the Dolby-Atmos is also available, including 256 GB and 12 GB of RAM, the Snapdragon Qualcomm 855 plus chipset and much more.


The classification of mobile phones is becoming increasingly difficult with each new device launched by various manufacturers worldwide. Some have notches, some don’t, and nearly all of are either glass sandwiches or metal ones.

This is true in Realme X2 Pro as well, but our reviewed model is somewhat different and very attractive.

It is referred to as “Lunar White,” indicating that the color of it is “pearlescent” that only shifts marginally hue in light. It’s not something totally new but has some executive-chic sold by other manufacturers like some of the “twilight” version.

This model is as comfortable in the pocket as in the bedroom, along with the dark version.

With little or no stress, the front and rear metal sides and the glass surely feel strong enough. Balance is good too, the device is slippery overall, and without mobile-case it is not single hand use.

The space where the glass meets the metal, the edges are sharp and unusual.


First of all, the 90 Hz refresh rate is definitely a good upgrade, even if it is noticeable through text most of the time. Although the “old” 60Hz screen is not worth dropping – a good surprise if you are a regular Kindle user on your device.

But we found that the screen’s color calibration was a bit of a problem. In other words, there are two presets for the screen: Vivid and Gentle. The UI can sell gentle as a ‘pensioner mode’ but most images are blackened in the ‘vivid’ mode.

The Teletubbies change the colors and those looking for precision in their pictures should be a little careful. It does not mean that color representation is bad, but that the screen has the unfortunate reputation of having cartoonish, unreal scenes on some AMOLED panels.

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Battery Life

With an average ‘speed’ display, the 4,000mAh battery in the Realme X2 Pro might be extra than sufficient, from a spec-attitude, to essentially guarantee more than an afternoon’s well worth of battery lifestyles.

The Realme X2 Pro has a very reliable battery, despite a screen that uses additional juice than normal. This does not mean that its battery life is equal to OnePlus 7 Pro but it will fit for the maximum users.

While performing a battery check, the battery fell to 86%, from 100%, a decent dropdown, for 90 minutes video over Wi-Fi.


The 64MP f/1.8 main snapper is the primary feature. In reality, Quad-Bayer complements a 16MP sensor (for low light images) as opposed to the promise of 64MP. It means normal photos in daytime and low light will be shot at 16MP.

The sensor is capable of reproducing pictures at 64MP but, with Realme’s ‘64MP’ mode – regardless of how these snap shots are executed, the final outcomes are surprisingly detailed when taken in proper light.

Final Verdict

Assembly of a successful handset is not just a checklist of powerful components for any market segment. Several minor variables matters a lot and that is what customers always focus on.

So what was the experience while using the Realme X2 Pro? Generally, a positive one, and especially for the price tag.

The screen is large, bright and vibrant, while the high refresh rate means that the device feels very snappy to use. Thanks to huge RAM and storage allocations. The lack of a microSD card slot isn’t likely to be an issue, while the loud, powerful speakers make listening to music a joy.

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Review: You Won’t Find A Better Phone In $445 Than Realme X2 Pro
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