PureVPN Review: Can They Be Trusted?

Published on October 31, 2019

The Pure VPN is a satisfying application but not the best. The VPN gives access to Netflix and is appealing in price too. The running speed is also more than average. While running, though the app shows contending performance but it gets hanged a lot. The application is a pro in its domain. It has been in operating since 2007 now has a long list of features to provide, servers of their own in more than 140 countries and at more than 180 locations. A number of protocols and torrent support plus DNS and IPv6 leak protection and a smart kill switch.


The yearly plan for the VPN is available for US$5.75 per month costing US$69 per year. A range of applications, extensions, downloads and tutorials are available to help the user with the setup step.

  • The monthly plan would cost you to pay $11 per month.
  • On the 2 year plan the prices decrease and you have to pay $3.33 per month.

There is no traditional free trial however, when selecting the one-year subscription plan, charges are not implemented for 5 days. You may cancel the deal within 5 days of subscription.

On the regular commercial plans, you can avail the money back guarantee within 31 days. Previously there were some data usage and connected device limitations however now they all have been waived. Enjoy the money back guarantee feature if you are not satisfied with the performance of PureVPN.

Privacy and Logging:

The company used to claim a “zero log” policy but in 2017 a man conducted an extensive cyberstalking campaign based on records stored by PureVPN. The company addressed the issue through their blog. After the incident, the company changed its policy and now claims that they don’t store any record of our original IP, connection time, sites that we visit, outgoing traffic or history of browsing, the data that is accessed and our DNS queries.


You can pay for the application of Pure VPN through a number of ways including credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, AliPay and more than 150 other payment methods.

The application of Pure VPN works on a plenty of platforms like Mac, Android, Windows, Linux. After paying for the application you are provided with the download link. While downloading, you receive a welcome email. That is cool. The installer then offers to download PureVPN extension for Chrome and Firefox. On launch step, the Windows Firewall blocks some features of the VPN. The VPN makes us choose from a list of packages depending on our priority for a task. The options include:

  • Stream, Internet freedom, Security/Privacy, File-sharing and Dedicated IP.
  • The VPN can open user’s default browser without any kind of permission.
  • The VPN gives you the right to choose one of these protocols: PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, TCP/UDP etc.

Windows app testing:

On practically running different features of the application, we found that the protocol choice function of the application does not work actually. No matter which protocol we choose, it always connects to IKEv2. The application keeps changing the protocols. The application’s network connection’s data were encrypted.


Calculating the performance of a VPN is hard as it depends on a number of variables like location, server and platform, protocol, connection type.

Nevertheless, we tried to run the app at different locations in US and UK and found that the app scored quite satisfying, achieving the speed of 200-300Mbps, which is a median speed, quite satisfying for a typical user.

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Netflix and other applications:

The PureVPN gives you the access to Netflix and BBD iPlayer applications. This feature is provided in writings in many other VPNs but it does not work in them. It is quite appreciating that this feature works in the PureVPN.


The customer support for the PureVPN is available in the modes of website and live chat. The support site is big, it has many pages and the articles written have quite a volume. One must be impressed by the long guides and a plenty of tutorial available on the website of PureVPN. However, when you dig in, it is found that the website does not contain quality work. Most of the work is outdated and guides you through installing outdated versions through the use of in unsecured protocol.

The live chat is an addition to poor support system by the company. When asked about a problem, first the response is not very responsive and then you don’t get a helpful response.


Pure VPN is a great VPN in terms of features made available by it.  It provides a number of features to the user and all the features are very attractive. However, there is a flaw in the way the windows app of the VPN works. The app usability is low. When the user needs a support, the VPN does not show a performance up to the mark.

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PureVPN Review: Can They Be Trusted?
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