Express VPN Review – A Perfect Experience

Published on October 21, 2019

Express VPN offers a virtual private network service in 94 countries and 160 cities in the world. It is a huge global network offered by Express VPN International Ltd of British Virgin Island. This software is known as a privacy and security tool that defeats content censorship and restrictions in any region of the world.

Express VPN encrypts user’s web traffic as well as hides your original IP addresses so no one knows what you are searching for. It also unblocks different social apps or services restricted in your area. You can enjoy unlimited access to music, movies, social media and much more with Express VPN.


Best-in-class subscription is provided by Express VPN AES-256-CBC encryption protocol. It is the standard trusted by experts across the world.

A new technology designed with innovation is called a trusted server which increases VPN security by not writing data on the hard drive. Express VPN writes data on RAM. It ensures the VPN uses the most up to date software.  A recent improvement is an IKEv2 support on windows and Mac.

The android app automatically connects to the VPN when you are on the untrusted network.

No activity and connection logging policy allows increases privacy, it means express VPN never logs DNS queries, IP addresses, browsing the history, metadata or any information that can reveal your identity.

Express VPN has its own private DNS known as Zero-knowledge DNS. It runs on every server and makes your connection faster as well as safer.

In case of sensitive information, your information can be secured by a network lock in case of your VPN connection dropped due to any glitch. All internet traffic is blocked until your information is protected.

Express VPN Subscription Packages:

Express VPN provides quiet decent service in most regions of the world. Express VPN stick outs in the domain of VPNs. Express VPN provides multiple services and features that is why it also costs a handsome amount of money for the services.

There are three different plans offered by Express VPN:

  1. Monthly Plan:

The first plan offered by Express VPN is its monthly plan. It costs you $13 per month. It is the most expensive of these

three plans.

  1. Six Months Plan:

The second plan offered by Express VPN is the six months plan. It costs about $60 for six months or $9.9 per month which is reasonable.

  1. Annual Plan:

It further decreases the cost per month. It costs $99.95 per year or $8.35 per month after a 35% discount which Express VPN is offering so you need to hurry up and subscribe to the yearly package.

If you sign up with an exclusive deal it will add up 3 free months to annual plan which means you will enjoy the annual month for about 15 months at the very reasonable cost of $6.67 per month.

Express VPN also provides 30 days money-back guarantee which means if a user is not satisfied by the service provider he can easily cancel the service and get his money back smoothly which is an example of how Express VPN is confident about its service.

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Compatibility of Express VPN:

You can protect five devices with the help of Express VPN. This software is compatible with many operating systems. Express VPN is available for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, Routers, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, and Nook. It also provides extensions for your favorite browsers such as chrome and Firefox. It is available for all Smart TVs as well as play station, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV stick, Nintendo switch. Express VPN is one such VPN that claims to unblock Netflix content, Amazon Prime as well as BBC iPlayer also 25 other sites. Such sites are not unblocked by most of the VPNs but fortunately, Express VPN is included in that list.

Performance of Express VPN:

One of the important things that a user worries while opting for a VPN is the speed. Express VPN has a good download speed. It works perfectly in the USA, UK, Asia as well as Europe. In US internet speed was found to be 200-250 Mbps on a connection line of 475 Mbps. In some distant places like Kenya, Brazil’s speed was very low which is normal but overall Express VPN’s performance is near to perfection.

Customer Service and Support:

A 24/7 service of live chat with experts is available who will guide you in case of troubleshooting or for setting up an account. Instruction manuals, as well as troubleshooting guides, are also available for the customers so they can immediately fix the problems. Express VPN also guides a person who is just doing window shopping on the website with the help of blogs that contain information about services and VPN in general.

Express VPN is an exemplary VPN that provides a lot of services in the amount they charge. Express VPN is worth spending the money. It provides a high-speed internet so you can enjoy videos, music, movies blocked in your region. A highly secure network provides you privacy to share your sensitive information without revealing your identity.

Express VPN stands out in the market of VPS due to its high speed, secure network, and availability in most regions of the world.

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Express VPN Review - A Perfect Experience
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