Oppo Has a ‘Slide-Phone’ Concept That Unfolds Into Several Screen Sizes

Published on December 15, 2020
Image Credit: [ShoeMedia]

Oppo, along with Nendo created a concept ‘slide-phone’ that lets you unfold the smartphone into three different form-factors. Smartphone screens are getting larger. Oppo sees this as an issue if the trend continues. This is because larger screens can make a device ‘difficult to hold and less convenient.’

Image Credit: [Oppo/Nendo]

Like you would expect, this concept phone unfolds along its longest axis. It’s got a segmented design and each section clicks out one piece at a time.

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If you open just the first segment, you can see the clock and some notifications. After that, if you open another segment, you can take a selfie. Then, if you unfold the device all the way, it’s a full-screen smartphone.

Image Credit: [Oppo/Nendo]

The Slide-Phone Even Includes a Stylus

The buttons on the side perform different actions depending on what mode the phone is in. There is even a stylus tucked away in the collapsable device.

We don’t know if this Slide-Phone is ever going to actually come out. Right now, it’s very much so in the ‘concept’ phase. It’s great to see companies experimenting with the smartphones’ basic design, though.

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