OnePlus’ latest beta update ends up buggy

Published on April 9, 2018

According to several news reports, Chinese technology giant OnePlus is pushing out somewhat buggy open beta updates for its customers. The Chinese technology giant recently made its latest operating system available for use in the form of beta testing. However, users have reportedly taken to their respective social media platforms to post complaints about the software. OnePlus users even shared their grievances on the Chinese technology giant’s official forum page. According to a report published by Android Police, the non-final builds usually end up carrying rough spots. There is a reason why the software operating system is made available in the form of beta testing and not the final version.


The primary objective of building a software operating system available for testing is so that the company can fix all the flaws that might exist in the handset. “These non-final builds are usually rough in spots because they are used to test out new features,” a report by Android Police reads. The report further goes on to state that the updates are not made to be installed on OnePlus models that are made to use in the form of daily drivers. However, it still comes across as unusual to have an open beta build going through so many issues. The Chinese technology giant will apparently be recalling the software operating system. It is strange for OnePlus to take such a call. As noted by Android Police, the software operating system reportedly must be facing serious difficulties because of which they have decided to recall the update. “Still, it is unusual to have an open beta build recalled, and the action by OnePlus suggests that whatever problems the company found with the update, they are serious enough to warrant this action,” online reports.

According to several reports, the open beta updates are often recalled by OnePlus. This move is not the first time that the smartphone manufacturer has decided to recall its software operating system. Before this, the company has decided to remember its open beta five which was meant for the OnePlus 5T smartphone back in 2017. There was a time when the company did the same when it came to the open beta 7. The software update was available OnePlus five smartphone. As far as the Open beta 24 operating system, which was meant for the OnePlus 3T smartphone. Additionally, there was an open beta 33 that they recalled for the OnePlus three smartphone. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer releases cautions for those who are willing to try out the testing builds. “OnePlus does caution those interested in trying out these builds that “This is beta software. These builds are sometimes not as stable as our official OTAs are. By installing this update, you accept the potential risks,’” notes an online report.

According to several posts that show up on the OnePlus user forum, the open beta updates are meant to create an adverse effect on the smartphone’s battery life. One of the users went on to say that after he installs the software, his smartphone had begun heating up. The device was warm even when it came to the display’s top portion. He was reportedly scared to swipe the screen on and off. Apart from this, for two nights straight, the heat continues to appear. The smartphone’s battery percent dropped reportedly 20 percentage points overnight. However, there is no information available on when the open beta update will be available for the smartphone. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer will make a report regarding this matter available soon enough.


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