Motorola One Zoom Review – Is It Perfect Match With Four Rear Cameras?

Published on October 5, 2019

Motorola is one of the oldest mobile phone making company that is known for bringing the most cost effective and hi-tech devices in the market. The company has launched a new mid-range device for the Motorola fans. It has launched its new device called Motorola One Zoom. The company has made its effort to secure a place in the top mid-range smart phones with easy Android install and a rear camera setup with 4 sensors at the back. According to experts it is one of the best affordable and high-tech phone with excellent features. The company has tried to equip the device with all the latest features that are in demand but its price is not as affordable as it should be.

According to the experts the following are the reviews about different features of the device:

Display Screen

The screen of the Motorola one zoom phone comes in 6.4”OLED panel FHD screen that resembles that of OnePlus 7. The screen is big enough to provide the user with captivating screen experience without getting unmanageable like 7.2 inches of Mate 20X. The device also has an under-display fingerprint reader that adds to the security of the device. It operates with a Snapdragon 675 chipset.

Body and Design

The body of the phone is a strong one with front and back glass that is joined with a metallic side frame. It is a sturdy looking phone that looks good in your hands. It is not too huge to handle nor too small to search for in your bag.


Quite unexpectedly the ram of the smartphone is not up to the mark as most of the latest smartphones is more than 4GB but this phone has just 4 GB Ram. It is quite shocking for most of the users because when you launch a phone in a special category you have to keep your device updated according to those of the competitors. Even for the mid-range phones, 4GB is not efficient.

Battery And Battery Life

When we compare the battery of the Motorola one zoom with that of other phones of the mid-range category we see that the latest Motorola one zoom has an excellent battery of 4000 MAH that runs long enough to keep you stress-free.  Once you start using the phone you don’t have to worry about its charging all day through. All the critics and Motorola customers find the battery life to be awesome and no other mid-range smartphone has a battery as strong as that of Motorola one zoom.


One of the most loved and appreciated features of this phone, is its quad-sensor camera. It has a 48 megapixels primary camera with OIS; ultra wide-angle of 16Mp, and FOV; Telephoto 8Mp, and OIS; depth sensor of 5Mp. In comparison to other smartphones of mid-range category it is the flagship phone as far as its battery and quad sensor camera is concerned.


No matter how huge files you want to save to your phone you can do it with ease as the Motorola offers its one zoom customers with ample storage space of 128 GB which is expandable to 128 GB more with a micro SD card.

Selfie Cam Or Front Camera

For excellent photography result the Motorola One Zoom is equipped with a  25Mp front camera and is mostly appreciated by the critics as well as the selfies lovers.

Operating System

The latest launch from Motorola as its mid-range smartphone Motorola One zoom has an operating system of Android 9 Pie.


The device has everything that any other mid-range smart phone has it includes dual sim, USB charging, Bluetooth 5.0 , Wi-Fi , GPS, and NFC.

Multimedia And Other Functions

The phone does pretty well with video recording as well as streaming. It has a somewhat above-average screen display that makes watching videos a pleasant experience. It has a mono speaker so the volume does not get quite loud. Unlike other phones in which when the phone is used in landscape mode the speaker is towards the right , in Motorola One Zoom in landscape mode the speakers happen to be on the left. Through the Moto App you can add some gestures of your choice to the phone. The device has some physical controls too like that you can put the camera on with a double twist of the phone and turn on the flashlight with a chopping motion.


Overall the Motorola One Zoom is a pleasant surprise for the tech lovers. It has more pros and less cons to its name.


  • Fantastic Camera
  • Excellent battery life
  • Stable and Clean UI
  • Good for its price


  • The mono speaker
  • Just good design not outstanding
  • Less powerful than many competitors

The One Zoom’s screen is an ample 6.4-inch OLED panel with Full HD+ resolution, similar to that of the OnePlus 7. There’s plenty of battery power – 4000mAh – and, with 128GB storage and support for a microSD card, you won’t be filling it up anytime soon.

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