Mi Mix Alpha is Almost Entirely Displayed on all Four Sides

Published on September 25, 2019

Have ever dream of a smartphone with a display in all four sides? If yes, then here’s your dream come true. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has posted a new update about the upcoming all display smartphone named ‘Mi Mix Alpha.’ The concept images of the Mi Mix Alpha seems to be one of the intriguing topics in the smartphone industry. While the market is running behind the foldable smartphones Xiaomi has created some unique and challenging for other smartphone makers.

Image Credit: Arstechnica

The company has wrapped the entire phone with a display, the back, the front, the sided and all along with the smartphone. Xiaomi was already having a trademark of this all-display smartphone. The concept images show an amazing look. The new Mi Mix Alpha may not be a foldable smartphone but frankly, it looks more decent and attractive than a foldable smartphone. The phone is priced at $2,810.

The image suggests that the company is planning to place the notification panel at the side of the smartphone a complete screen display at the front and back will serve as operational. The side panel will comprise reflection of some common list like Cellular connectivity, Bluetooth and other icons. A physical power button is also present at the top of the smartphone. Virtual side buttons will be taking the place of physical volume buttons.

It seems like the common back and home button of the Android will be over the right side through the wraparound display. The new back screen design of the smartphone reflects that it’s not necessary to have a selfie when you can have a screen on the backside as well. So you just need to flip your smartphone to take a selfie and can also find the back screen as a viewfinder.

The display of this smartphone most enticing point for which the company has not revealed any kind of dimension of resolution measurement yet. The screen will be having a screen-to-body ratio of more than 180.6% which is odd from the common figures of screen-to-body ratio.

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