Mobvoi TicWatch E2 Review: Finest Smartwatch To Buy

Published on December 16, 2019
Mobvoi TicWatch E2 Review
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Smartwatches become more affordable, and Mobvoi contributes to the charge. Company consistently produces budget smartwatches, packed with prices, even if they won no beauty contest and the Chinese company remains relatively unknown. Mobvoi’s new, the TicWatch E2, is also the most accessible to date, and it is hard to say almost no to this Wear OS watch for $160.

Design & Display

No showstopper for the TicWatch E2. It is a compact and easy-to-look watch, but it is not dark or bad. That is distinct from the TicWatch S2, the sportier and longer lasting twin E2 that has a not so attractive model.

The TicWatch E2 appears slim wrists comically large, much of which is attributed to the size of the 12 mm. We accept it to suit a larger battery, but the insanity is still unattractive.

The points in which the watch is fixed to the bands do not exaggerate, and the bezel is removed from the lenses, thus rendering the glass on the display less vulnerable to cuts or cracks. The polycarbonate frame is also lightweight and more durable than its cost indicates. There is a regular path around the bottom, but you will still wash it regularly dust and lint.

The 22 mm silicone belt easily takes up dust, but is comfortable to wear and secure to hold. It has an excellent feel and is more than suitable for the treatment of sweat during exercise. You may want to buy another strap to make your wear more formal, but the TicWatch E2 jet-black look is good sufficient for most outfits. The belt is reversible, but if you do not have long nails, the quick release pins are hard to unfasten. EOLBREAK The only key to enter the App Drawer is the button on the right side of the watch or you can press and hold the button to activate the Google Assistant. We wish that it could be more discussed so that the Wear OS graphical user interface can be rotated to navigate.

The 1.39-inch AMOLED display is big, allowing easy reading of notifications. No ambient light sensor exists, but we adjusted the screen to tier two out of 5 and saw it in the broad sunlight.

Wear OS & Performance

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor was added to the TicWatch E2, which launched in early 2016. The wear 3100 processor came at the end of 2018 and we are dissatisfied that it is not utilized, because it provides slightly better battery life and fitness tracking. Mobvoi claims that they want to further refine the wear 3100 chip, while using the E2 chip wear 2100 helps to reduce prices.

The TicWatch E2 feels fluid in most everyday tasks, although the lag or stutter occurs occasionally, like when the apps are downloaded, Google Assistants activated and alerts answered. It’s not quite as fast as Apple Watch Series 4, but considering that most notifications are merely looked at, you certainly won’t face too many performance problems.

The recently redesigned Wear OS interface by Google is simple to use. It is swipe-based, and you wander up, down, right, left and into different menus. You should switch it to Google Play if you don’t want to use the Mobvoi device.

You will respond to your messages, speak to your smart home assistant, display traffic warnings, monitor your heart rate and use GPS to track range. The only feature that TicWatch E2 does not deliver is that the most popular Wear OS watches do, namely contactless Google Pay payments. There is no NFC for this reason and Mobvoi claims it’s not considered a concern for its consumers. It’s also a little lighter for the band.

We like to use smartwatches for mobile payments and find that they are of value. We are, however, prepared to move on TicWatch E2 at such a low price because this functionality is not available.  Spotify only provides a way for playlists and replay control and is available on Wear OS.


Pre-installed Mobvoi applications, of which many are available, are the only software features that distinguish TicWatch E2 from others. You can monitor your heart rate using TicPulse. TicHealth presents general fitness statistics which demonstrates how much you are going to achieve day-to-day goals. TicExercise encourages jumping, walking, swimming and biking as a direct way to trigger exercise records.

The results on the screen are well laid down and easy to see on a glance when checking the watch in the middle of the run.


The crowning attribute of the TicWatch E2 is lifetime battery. We were able to squeeze the 415mAh battery over a day’s life with the always-on screen. We mostly arrived home at 8 p.m. with about 45% less. It is used to play music and communicate with alerts.

The always-on-screen switched off is still better story. We came home at around 57 percent at 8 p.m. of specific usage and a little event tracking. We left the watch and noticed that it had 40% by 8 a.m. After being used mostly on the second day, the next day reached 17% by 4:00 p.m. It is remarkable, considering that most wear OS watches would be killed in a full day of work.

The battery life is claimed by Mobvoi for two days. It may be a day and half, but not two days full. Nevertheless, we are happy with the battery life of the TicWatch E2, because we hardly have to worry that it will die. It’s the best battery service in comparison to any other Wear OS smartwatch, apart from the TicWatch Pro.


The Mobvoi TicWatch E2 costs just $160, making it one of the cheapest Wear OS smartwatches on the market and is already on the website of Amazon Mobvoi. Mobvoi provides a one-year default watch guarantee which is secure against defects of the supplier.

Final Words

TicWatch E2 from Mobvoi is the finest smartwatch that you can purchase, as long as you do not want to smack your wrist on a chunky watch. Take advantage of the $160 price tag and the apps that it offers.

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