Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Review – Wear OS Keeps On Floating

Published on September 15, 2019

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Review - Wear OS Keeps On Floating

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Production of Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch is pretty much good but it is still a long way behind the watch produced by Apple or Samsung. It is absolutely stylish as its frame is made with stainless steel. There is more RAM difference which creates more customizable battery modes. If you are doing the comparison with Apple’s and Samsung’s smartwatches, then for sure Fossil will get into limitations. If you are looking for a stylish piece then you are highly recommended to go for Fossil Gen 5 but if you are looking it in terms of features and battery life then you must go for the considerations of Apple’s and Samsung’s produced smartwatches.

Wear OS keeps on Floating

In Fossil Gen 5 wear OS keep on floating as android smartwatches series coming every fall and summer season. It is Google’s Wear OS program which hold back the company. Gen 5 where is a line of $295 smartwatches, here’s Fossil is on the backyard to the limitations around. But the current situation of the company is pretty much different where it will go for a highly sophisticated product in comparison to the other OS products.

Performance of Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Fossil’s 5th Gen Julianna HR and Carlyle HR just nailed its predecessors’ performances where the battery modes are customized and there is an even more useful addition of the Google Assistant with the speaking answers because of the attachment of speaker.

The exterior of Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

When it comes to the exterior, Fossil is pretty much in sticking to its own components and the same capacitive situation is in the lineup with the Gen 5 too. 44-millimeter watches which are round in shape are also a bit of in big size when it comes to the users of small wrists with an unfortunate exposure that there are no other kind sizes available. Where 41mm and 43mm sizes are a bit more relaxed ones to the previous 44 mm one.

Color of Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch is made of stainless steel comes in three different colors where:

  • Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Smoke

Customization of product

There is also a large number of bands too where you can use your desired product on the basis of your own choices in the material ranges from silicone and leather to the mesh as well as the stainless steel.

Storage of Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Fossils has just doubled the storage as well as the RAM of its Gen 5 production which has made a world of difference. Its actions are now looking a bit faster and smoother than that of Fossil Sport. But there are still things which going on just crazy. The increase of RAM in Fossil Gen 5 is a highly noticeable difference in the app launch timings and the overall performance of smartwatch.

A Compatible Product

There is another plus point where Android and iOS both work which is a huge point for users who just get annoyed to reach differently to different platforms. There is another feature coming up in its features where you will be able to take a phone call from iPhone users.

A Solution for the Battery problem

Fossil is working on one of the biggest problems which is about the battery life of a smartwatch. In Gen 5, Fossil has not increased the battery timings but given new ways to squeeze its life more from the same four battery mode. There is an availability of the customized accessible battery options where shortcuts can work this all up to you just by going for a swipe from top to the bottom where you can make a choice from Daily, Extended, Custom and Time Only. 14-hour usage of inclusive checking of notifications, installation of apps and the 30 minutes tracking for the spin workout in Google-Fit with an always-on display, took the battery percentage availability to 35% in the Custom mode. And a 30 minutes charge took the battery level to 79%. In Daily Mode, it was to 22%. So, in this way, we can say the customized mode is the best of all. It specifically goes for the tracking of your heart and the time spent in working.

It is highly recommendable if you are looking for a style otherwise Apple’s and Samsung’s would be the supremacy on it. Here is a recommendation if you want to go for a mesh one because it is pretty much annoying because to make it a fit you need to have a special to adjust its fit. Fossil is absolutely stuck to three button designs in this series of a generation of smartwatches. There is a fortunate situation for the users of Fossil because in this Gen they can remap the button functions. So, here is your point for its use to make it set to the desired way in its button functions. There is going improvement in the products of Fossil where it is to the conditions but still, it’s pretty much satisfying which is still a plus point if we see the previous situations around its products.

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Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Review - Wear OS Keeps On Floating
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