Microsoft is Finally Fixing Windows 10’s Start Menu

Published on October 21, 2020
Windows 10
Image Credit: [Microsoft]

The Windows 10 Start menu is about to get a much-needed update. Microsoft has begun issuing it’s October 2020 Windows 10 update. It’s not the most massive update, but there are still some things worth mentioning.

First up is the change to the Start menu. The software giant says that the new Start menu will feature a streamlined design. The tiles will be more visually uniform. Also, they will have a transparent background. You can, however, add an accent color if you wish.

With the update, Windows 10’s built-in browser, Microsoft Edge, is now integrated more into the popular operating system. So, you can pin websites to your taskbar so that when you hover over the icon, you can see all the tabs you have open for that site in particular. Also, the company changed how window switching (ALT + TAB) works. Now, you will be able to view all of your open tabs in Edge when you use the window switching hotkey.

Other features in the Windows 10 update include the option to increase your monitor’s refresh rate directly within the system settings. Before, you had to rely on your graphics card software to do this. Also, notifications will now include app logos. So, this will make it easier to know which app is the source of ‘that ding.’ Lastly, Microsoft removed some of the clutter out of the taskbar. This will be helpful for new users.

It will take some time before Microsoft can roll out this Windows 10 update to everyone. It may be just a few days, it may be a week or more. Either way, it will be available on your PC soon.

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