Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus Review: Perfect Sound For You

Published on December 12, 2019
Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus Review
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It seems as if the first truly wireless earbuds of Master and Dynamic, the MW07, made their appearance age ago. The MW07 is elegant and fashionable, clever and efficient. MW07 dominated almost any other entry in the market. In reality, there was only one downside, apart from their cost, that is, the battery life of 3.5 hours per load.

An overflow of new entries with increasingly competitive battery life have made the wireless space much more convincing if we cut down to just over a year later. The obvious question for the latest MW07 is, however, whether the “Plus” can even keep the conversation running for them.

M&D’s latest buds are loaded with upgrades, from three-fold battery life to noise cancellation, making the reborn MW07 an odorous pair.


While the hood is much different because there are some new things, little improves in the layout of the MW07 and this is mostly fine. The shell of the earbuds was constructed of transparent acetate that was used before with four different colors. To change your design and customize your look, you may choose removable skins.

You notice common detectors within your headphones that stop the music when they are removed from your ears. The tops have the same control system, which is one of my most favorite control systems. The right earbud multiple button controls the play / pause / song skip with voice support hold. There are double volume keys on the left as controls for the ambient sound modes and new noise cancellation. There is no learning curve and it’s easy to use.

Master and Dynamic buds do not offer an app to fine tune like most well-appointed competitors.

The box contains a lot of ear tips and wings for close and easy fitting which means you can personalize the buds. Many consumers can consider implants cumbersome, but, for each ear there should be a combination, if you are willing to mix and match.

I like the case look, but it’s an easy to scrape and fingerprint magnet. The MW07 flounder precariously, while most other buds clip their electrical charges magnetically and the cover almost never first sits down.

If not, although the case is not tiny as AirPods, it is quite useful for pockets. The light LEDs overhead make loading status easy to see.


As reported, the MW07 Plus has many new features. Some are game changers and others are only useful players. But battery life should steal the show for MW07 Plus.

The latest MW07 offers up to 40 hours of worry-free, forget-the-case flexibility for up to ten hours of charge and three charges in the case. With the buds lasting longer than the Powerbeat Pro, the ten-hour mark appeared to be checkable. Although, the sensors that stops sound are hard to test. I have never seen the buds drop below the full level in a week of extreme trials. I have to charge after couple of weeks.

The sound annulment of MW07 is equal or better than Amazon’s cheaper headphones, but behind ones from Apple or Sony. This provides moderate cancelation on strong passive noise isolation of drone noises. Apart from the extremely strong sounds, you should not experience any distress, but you might not want to swap long flights into your Bose bottles.


The reliability of the connectivity in the last two years has been greatly improved by wireless buds. The MW07 plus fits superbly with my LG G8 and it works fine with the new Samsung Galaxy. Be vigilant if you pair this with a mobile you’ve seen for a few years.


I couldn’t be happier because the bright, vibrant, strong sound we enjoyed in the MW07 returned in the most recent pair with the same 10 mm Beryllium drivers. Transient zips have been introduced to some instruments, particularly acoustic guitar and horns, by metallic gleam, just like other M&D headphones. If you call in, there is also plenty of energy downwards to give the range a good mix.

The only significant change is that the canvas on which these earbuds color is a shadow cleaner by the sound canceled lens. I found when I first took out the buds from my case I had to turn on cancellation.

Most real wireless headphones are nowadays sounding powerful thanks to a better connection. But the MW07 Plus is the soft aspect which gets you back to the music and puts you out of the universe that is around you. Not only do you listen to the piano at the bottom of the blend, you note the jumping key click and a resonant echo of the space applied and the depth provided to each keystroke. Now what a melody was is a well-designed tool, making a dynamic piece of a larger one.

If left to its own devices, the earbuds also do an excellent job matching what could be pure bass. This is evident when you get a telephone call when the unusual primary ringtone bounces as the most activated instance of the lower frequency is the MW07 Plus. Honestly it’s one of my least popular features, but some might find it fun.

Quality is good if not fantastic, when it comes to calls. Rarely do I like to talk about real wireless earbuds, frankly, but calling for both ends is completely clear without significant issues.


The MW07 Plus has a two-year, better warranty than many rivals. Further information about warranty claim can be found on the website of the firm.

Final Words

Master and Dynamic cared about the threats against it and assured that the MW07 Plus was equipped for competition. With overall improvements and the same fantastic sound, the most recent premium buds in M&D are certainly an important improvement.

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