Jailbreak Just About any iPhone With This Patch, Even Those on iOS 13.5

Published on May 27, 2020

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Apple’s usual efforts to prevent iOS jailbreaking have generally left enthusiasts waiting for coders to pour over the software to find a flaw that allows them to bypass protections and break the platform’s rules. That is not the case today. The ‘Unc0ver’ team has released a jailbreak method that applies to every iPhone that runs iOS 11 and up. This patch includes support for the just-released iOS 13.5. This hack is appealing to those willing to take the risk associated with jailbreaking (gaining root access) to their phones.

Lead developer Pwn20wnd (yes, that’s his handle) told Wired that this only “adds exceptions to the existing rules,” so it will maintain user data protections, leaving Apple’s sandboxing untouched so that you won’t lose features like Apple Pay and iMessage. Keep in mind; this hack is a zero-day exploit. The same flaw that allows this patch to iOS could also make you more vulnerable to malicious attacks. It will more than likely take Apple some time to patch the vulnerability. Jailbreaking can also increase the number of avenues for malware to end up on your device by removing some of Apple’s imposed security barriers.

However safe or unsafe the exploit is, it brings to mind a resurgence of iOS security issues in recent months. There was a Mail app vulnerability that raised some concerns in April, even though Apple said the practical risk was low. 

The leak of iOS 14 has also left some concerned that attackers might have had months to prepare their exploits before Apple even ships the new operating system, but keep in mind, there’s a lot that could change between now and the official release.

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