iFun Screen Recorder: The Best Screen Recording Software

Published on March 23, 2021

Screen recording is a new concept in the tech field, with many programs coming up trying to outdo each other to be the best. One of the best screen recorders you can encounter is iFun Screen Recorder. It is a fantastic utility, which is a mash-up of various attributes like convenience and versatility.

If you want a screen recorder to capture your onscreen activities, iFun Screen Recorder is the best choice. You may be wondering what is good with this program for it to take the credence of being the best. To deal with your concerns, we will show you some of its key attributes, which can convince you of its greatness.

iFun Screen Recorder’s Features

Highlighted below are some of this software’s features.

  • A Free Tool

It is not every day that you come across a free screen recorder. The good news is that you do not have to look further than iFun Screen Recorder. It is free to download, and you do not have to pay to use it.

  • Its Versatility

iFun Screen Recorder is a versatile tool, an attribute that you will notice from its compatibility with various Windows versions. A thing you should know is that it is software designed for Windows devices.

It will work with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. In short, if you have a Windows-run device, you can use this utility.

Its flexibility also comes to play in the recording formats. You can save your screen captures in MP4, AVA, FLV, BBC, and many more. However, this applies to the downloaded version as the online version only saves the videos in WebM.

  • The Online Recorder

A thing that will impress you with this IObit program is that there is an online screen recorder. You can access this tool on IObit’s website, and it works like the software. You may go for the online recorder for light scale screen recordings or if you do not have much space on your PC.

The iFun Screen Recorder’s online version is very convenient, though it does not have many features as the downloadable program.

  • Functionality

A look at this program’s functionality, you get the hint that it is very convenient. There are many things you can achieve with this screen recorder. It can capture audio and record any part of your PC screen.

Among the video qualities you can get with this screen recorder include 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. With the downloadable option, you have no video recording time limit. If you use the online recorder, you have to put up with a 10-minute limit.

When you download the software, you can also record using the webcam and record games.

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