Huawei Nova 5T Review: Another Mid-Range Phone

Published on January 7, 2020
huawei nova 5t review
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The Huawei Nova 5T is a mid-range phone. It can handle almost everything. Google applications are also available in the Huawei Nova 5T. The smart design, quality camera and satisfying performance of the phone along with Google apps make Huawei a good choice for a person with a limited budget. The fast lock and finger-print sensor button of the phone offer great protection to the privacy of the user. The main and wide cameras are capable of clicking the quality pictures. The size of the phone is compact and fits quite comfortably in the hand. The exterior of the phone is very attractive and premium-feeling. While capturing the pictures, the night mode of photography is subpar. The presence of a macro lens is a good feature but difficult to use. The LCD display of the phone is not compatible with the latest OLED screens. The Huawei bloatware applications are in abundance.

Huawei Nova 5T is expected to be the last phone with Google services included. The phone works just like other Android phones.


The front design of the Huawei Nova 5T looks the same as that of the Honor 20 Pro. These phones look exactly the same. The thick bottom bezels and punch-hole selfie camera in the top left corner of the display are identical. The design for the future phones is going to get changed by Huawei so Huawei Nova 5T would be the odd one out in its lineup.

The back of Nova and its counterpart are different a bit. The Huawei Nova 5T has a three-camera module with the flash built in it. however, the 20 Pro has it under the macro lens. Some illustrations and Huawei logo under the four cameras and at the top back respectively is what has now become Huawei’s custom.

The hold of the phone despite its tall and skinny frame is still comfortable with one hand. The phone has a display screen of 6.2 inches.


Huawei Nova 5T has a display screen of 6.26 inches FHD+ punch-hole display. For outdoor usage the phone is great. It does not need to be touched at the brightness slider in the winter sun.


There are 4 cameras available on the back of the phone. The main camera is a 48 MP sensor in the middle of the main bump. The 16 MP wide sensor is located above it and then there is a 2MP depth assist sensor below it. The 2MP macro sensor on the right is also present.


Huawei Nova 5T is installed with the Kirin 980 CPU and 6 GB of RAM with a Mali-G76 GPU. The Huawei Nova 5T has an above-average performance. In real-life testing, the phone needs no struggle to run the fun and high-fidelity Asphalt 9. The vehicle moved fast and with high resolution on the screen. The touch worked also quite well. The phone itself did not get hot and was cool to touch. The quality of the display was not the best but it was satisfactory.

Software and OS:

Huawei Nova 5T runs on the EMUI 9 which is an Android 9 operating system with a little flavor from the Huawei itself. Huawei Nova 5T is especial within Huawei’s latest lineup. The phone can use Google Mobile Services. Any Google Play Store App can be run on the phone without any obstacle in the way.

Fingerprint Scanner:

Huawei Nova 5T does not have the sub-display optical fingerprint scanner that is very popular nowadays in the Android phones. The phone employs a capacitive sensor that has been installed in Samsung Galaxy S10e also.

Huawei approximates it to be 0.3 seconds being spent to unlock the phone. This timing is fast enough.

Battery life and Charging:

Huawei Nova 5T has a battery of 3750 mAH which is a little less than 4000mAH which is an average for the phones that have been released this year. The LCD display and the average performance of the phone makes the battery of the phone enough to make it last the whole day with internet browsing and social media check.

The phone has a charger of 22.5 W fast charging plug. The company promises 50% full charge in about 30 minutes.

Bottom Line:

The price of the phone and its functionalities are somewhat reasonable. The design of the phone is very attractive and modern to use even if it has some old components. The engineering techniques used are smart. The fingerprint scanner and the unlock button combination with the Google Apps and Play Store availability makes it a phone for anyone.

On the whole, there were not many problems figured out with the Huawei Nova 5T. The phone had different priorities than its rivals. This phone is a premium quality phone with a well-rounded package of features in a reasonable price.

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