Huawei FreeBuds 3 Review

Published on December 31, 2019
Huawei FreeBuds 3
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Huawei has recently released its FreeBuds 3 similar to that of Apple’s Airpods. FreeBuds 3 is an amazing pair of earbuds with active noise cancellation property. They have good sound quality. These compactly designed earbuds are travel-friendly. These are specially built for android FreeBuds 3 are very similar to Apple’s Airpods. Apple’s Airpod Pro is released when the Huawei FreeBuds 3 came to market. But the fact is Huawei FreeBuds 3 is more reliable. The price of Huawei FreeBuds 3 is around $220 in the USA.

Design of FreeBuds 3:

FreeBuds3 looks exceptionally natural; its body is made of plastic and it has hard stem and there is a round puck at the top. Get the white pair and you’ll be unable to disclose to them separated from AirPods except if you have the two arrangements of buds next to each other.

FreeBuds 3’s charging case is beautifully designed. It is molded like a plate with a spring-stacked fold; there is an LED that tells about battery percentage rate.

On the side of charging case there lies a button which enacts pairing mode, and other than the reality the dark version smears up with fingerprints. Reviews about buds and case are positive till now.

FreeBuds 3’s in-ear fit was amazing which something we do not expect from Huawei. Previously people didn’t had great experience with Huawei headphones. Astonishingly, on the other hand, we figured out how to work out for an entire hour with the FreeBuds without adjusting them.

Sound Quality of FreeBuds 3:

FreeBuds 3s sounds quite decently even in a noisy place due to its active noise cancellation property.

The volume is not too bad, putting other open-fit alternatives like the Google Pixel Buds to disgrace, and highs aren’t excessively murky. The buds can battle with getting low frequencies over, particularly when outside in uproarious conditions. You can likewise show signs of improvement submersion from more financially savvy buds like the Urbanista Athens; the ease of use of the FreeBuds is better than cheaper products in market.

In case you’re searching for buds that let in surrounding noise but still sounds good these are big cheeses for drives and runs. These earbuds let you hear the station declarations and know about approaching traffic, yet at the same time you will be able to enjoy music.

One cannot adjust EQ from the App, if this feature was incorporated people would have loved it as it gives an additional flexibility to FreeBuds. Their default sound profile is nonpartisan and keeping in mind that that is no terrible thing, the alternative to change the bass could have given them an edge over contenders. 

Voice calls, in the interim, are taken care of amazingly crosswise over most conditions, however in case you’re in an office or bistro with loads of foundation babble, these buds can battle with segregating your voice.

How to activate noise cancellation?

If you want to hear music or calls even in the fish market or industrial area you can activate the active noise canceling feature by use of the android app or by double-clicking on the left earbud.

Connectivity of FreeBuds 3:

These earbuds can also be used for Apple devices. For this purpose, you need to set noise-canceling parameters on the Android app.

One can pair FreeBuds 3 by using the Android app or using Bluetooth. For Huawei users with EMUI 10, it even detects whether a person is wearing the earbuds or not.

Battery Life of FreeBuds 3:

These earbuds last for about 4 hours on a single charge of 30 minutes. Its battery power is 30mAh for each earbud. There is a charging case of 410mAh which provides about four cycles of charge.

The charging case charges the earbuds wirelessly. Additionally, with a charge of one hour with a charging case, it can last about 20 hours of music that is pretty amazing.

If you are looking for great earbuds with reasonable price and good specs as well as active noise canceling property at that point the FreeBuds 3s are for you if you are an android user. At £169 these are considered as cheaper as compared to other 2019 AirPods of Apple or Sony.

If you have any queries do ask in the comment section below. We will answer them as soon as we receive them. Have a happy using!!

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