The New Apple AirPods 2019

Published on April 29, 2019

The new Apple Airpods 2019 are similar to their predecessor, but that’s okay if it is your first time buying this accessory. What is actually new in these Airpods is quite hard to answer. Although the new features, such as faster pairing and wireless charging, might seem worthwhile to some users, it is still not a significant improvement over its forerunner.

After their first release, Apple Airpods have undergone a remarkable transformation, boasting its style and becoming a status symbol for Millennials. The new Apple Airpods 2019 have improved wireless performance along with a solid battery life that you will enjoy.

The most notable difference between the first and the latest generation of Airpods is the new Apple h1 Chip. These are custom chips and replace the W1 chip found in the earlier model. This chip is specifically designed for headphones and will not integrate well with other wearable’s, such as an Apple Watch.

With this new chip, the talk time almost doubles to an average 5 hours, which is great. Further, the chip helps establish faster connection speeds for incoming calls.

As for the design, there is not a huge difference as Apple is fond of keeping its product design the same as long as it remains feasible. The earbuds stems and pillbox-style charging case almost look the same, as the previous one. The minimal upgrade to its design includes LED light on the front of Apple Airpods 2019, which can be handy to check the charging status of your buds.

But you might face some problems using the Airpods, as it isn’t designed to fit everyone. In addition, if you have a pair of old Airpods, then it would be a turn off for many buyers knowing the fact that the new Airpods doesn’t change the quality of sound.

Photo credit: Apple

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