Google’s Teleconferencing Solution, Meet, is Now Adding 3 Million Users a Day

Published on April 30, 2020

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has everybody locked down, more and more people are using their laptops for teleconferencing for the first time. It looks like Google is getting their fair share of that new demand. Google’s Meet teleconferencing solution is now adding around 3 million users per day, compared to 2 million per day earlier this month.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, said in an earnings call, “Last week, we surpassed a significant milestone. We are now adding roughly 3 million new users each day and have seen a thirty-fold increase in usage since January. There are now over 100 million daily Meet meeting participants.”

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Meet is part of Google’s G Suite productivity apps, and to encourage companies and school systems to it, Google gave free access to some of Meet’s nicer paid features in early March, and it’s planning on keeping those things free until the end of September.

Google is steadily adding new features, like noise cancellation and a gallery view. They do this to compete with Zoom and Microsoft’s offerings, but Zoom is still doing a lot better than Google, with 300 million daily users to Google’s 100 million.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, reported that they had earned $6.8 billion in profit for the first fiscal quarter of 2020. Google’s cloud computing wing earned $2.8 billion, that over 50% more than they did in the same quarter, last year.

Our world is a constantly shifting and changing thing. It’s interesting to see how the coronavirus pandemic continues to shape our economies, our cultures, and our lives.

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