Google introduced a Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation, a new AI green screen tool

Published on March 4, 2018

As it was in the news that Google is working on a real-time video segmentation today, it turned official. Google has launched a testing variant of an AI green screen tool for YouTube which is called as Mobile Real-time Video Segmentation. Now, this is a new technology that will help YouTubers to change the background of their video. Instead of editing it with some tools, you can just use this tool.


The technique used behind this tool works on the neural network, this network helps it to determine which part of the video scene is foreground to be left alone and which part is background which needs to be replaced. There would be no specialized equipment required to take command over this.

You might feel excited about knowing this tool, but let me clear you that the tool might be available only for some limited YouTube creators. The tool might not be available for everyone. Some researchers who have experienced the tool are saying that it is still not compatible with fast-moving scenes.

Google has also started a few words on this latest technology on its research blog which are:

“Today, we are excited to bring precise, real-time, on-device mobile video segmentation to the YouTube app by integrating this technology into stories. Currently in limited beta, stories are YouTube’s new lightweight video format, designed specifically for YouTube creators. Our new segmentation technology allows creators to replace and modify the background, effortlessly increasing videos’ production value without specialized equipment.”

Also,”Our immediate goal is to use the limited rollout in YouTube stories to test our technology on this first set of effects. As we improve and expand our segmentation technology to more labels, we plan to integrate it into Google’s broader Augmented Reality services” the company says via the blog.

As of now, we cannot say that whether the tool will suit perfectly for every user, but this is confirmed after beta version, the company will launch a full-fledged working variant.

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