Get a Weber Connected Pellet Grill For $200 Off This 4th of July

Published on July 1, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much limited summer celebrations to a backyard barbecue with the family. This year grill tech is more affordable than before. Weber is offering its connected SmokeFire pellet grills at a $200 discount. This steep price cut brings the Weber EX4’s price down to $799 and the roomier EX6 down to just $999. From what we can tell, both deals will run until July 13th.

Both the EX6 and EX4 are all-in-one grills that work really well for preparing a broad range of meals, whether you are searing a steak, baking a pie, or smoking a brisket, or just grilling some hotdogs. These Weber smart grills really do produce a fantastic flavor.

Image Credit: [Unsplash]

At first, the software was a bit bland, lacking important features, but Weber has since updated the smart grills. Now, the EX4 and EX6 are much more capable grills that have useful features that include remote temperature adjustments. Largely, the difference between the EX4 and EX6 comes down to size. The EX4 offers 672 square inches of space to grill and the EX6 brings that number up to 1,008 square inches of cooking area.

There are definitely a few cons, though, regardless of how much Weber has improved the software. Cleanup is not at all as easy Weber claims, and there is still the reaming nuisance of pellet hopper cavitation. If those issues aren’t a deal-breaker for you, though, you will be happy with either the EX4 or EX6 smart grill.

Featured Image Credit: [wikimedia]

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