Four D-Link Router You Should Not Buy – Here Are The Security Issues of These Routers

Published on October 17, 2019

D-Link routers, DIR-866L, DIR-652, DIR-655, and DHP-1565, are still being sold online. These D-Link routers have been subject to serious security flaws. You are better off unplugging your Wi-Fi if you have one of these models. These D-Link Routers have “unauthenticated command-induction vulnerability, according to last week disclosure by the researchers at the Fortinet. In simple words, the hackers on a completely different continent can easily get into your network to either observe your internet traffic or to send malicious data and websites.

Such issues are resolved by introduction of firmware but D-Link has notified the Fortinet that these products are end-of-life which means that D-Link will not provide fixes for these routers. However, these routers are still available in the market. The D-Link DIR-866L was first sold in 2014 and later discontinued in 2018 while DIR-655 was first introduced in 2016 and also discontinued in 2018. The DIR-652 was never sold in the USA. The three D-Link routers, DIR 655, DIR 866L and DHP 1565, are still available on online giants such as Amazon. The DIR 655 is the Amazon’s choice model.

The usual expectation after purchasing a router is that it will be safe for at least a year or longer especially when it is also Amazon’s choice. However D-Link stated that they are under no obligation to provide security updates or other support for end-of-life devices. D-link policy is that users should check with manufacturer if the selected model is still supported by them. However, other router manufacturing companies such as, Netgear, provide security updates for more than a year for their discontinued model which makes them safe to use.

Here is the webpage for all the D-Link listings and Netgears discontinued products.

As a user, you are advised to check the manufacturer’s policy for their end-of-life routers before purchasing a new router. You should also check if the router manufacturing company has been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for not securing their publically available devices.

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Four D-Link Router You Should Not Buy – Here Are The Security Issues of These D link Routers
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