Electroluminescent Panels: A Brand New Technology in the Lighting Industry

Published on February 16, 2021
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It is rightly said that necessity is the mother of invention. The increasing demands of unique lighting systems have led to the development of new lighting technology. The name of this new technology is Electroluminescent lighting system. The recent technological advancements have broadened the use of these arrangements not only for domestic use but also for commercial purposes.

When you want to create a project that requires lighting, nothing can beat these solutions. Be it a lighting costume, or illuminating your vehicle, or even your home, there are endless circumstances where these systems serve the best. 

The electroluminescent materials are available in a wide range. You can easily find a large variety of colors and shapes in the materials such as EL wires, tapes, panels, inverters, and paints. Their accessibility in the wide range makes them fit in several applications ranging from electronic applications to textile structures. 

These materials are efficient and versatile. But, what is its composition and the technology that makes it fit for a large number of applications? To know more, keep reading. 

How Electroluminescent technology works?

As the name suggests, it uses electrical and optical phenomena to emit light. These EL materials are layered with zinc sulfide and use strong electric current through phosphor to emit light through them. It is a non-thermal conversion of electrical energy into light.

What makes it different from other materials? 

EL systems are not directional and have a narrow bandwidth. This makes the light visible from a long way. More the frequency and voltage more will be the light emitted by these devices. These properties make them different from other light-emitting materials.

It is the most energy-efficient light source and consumes very little power. They are lightweight, flexible, and landfill friendly. For this reason, it is widely used in the field of backlighting. From laptops to computer monitors, thermostats, remote control devices to mobile phones, they are popularly used.

If you are working on a project that requires a lighting system, you should look for professionals that provide you with innovative systems. The team of experts will help you throughout the completion of your project. 

From personal parties to entertainment events, the experts offer reliable and high-quality products. As the experts at Ellumiglow.com suggest that low-grade products are cost-intensive and power consuming. Therefore, they should not be used in any event as they are unreliable and do not last long. Thus, we suggest you get in touch with the team of professionals and the technical experts that offer you long-lasting products and solutions.

Below we have mentioned some of its applications. If you are interested in knowing more about these electroluminescent systems, you can read here and learn about their practical applications. 

Art Installations: The EL wires and EL tapes can be used for art installations. If you want to light up clothing, costumes, or even a guitar this is the best solution. These arrangements can hook the viewers from a great distance, so you can even use them for advertising and safety purposes. 

LED in the outdoors: Good lighting can transform a space and make it more lively. Placing LED solutions is a smart choice you can make, as they are power-efficient. And, no matter what the occasion is, you can add some lights such as a diffused pixel-free LED. Also, you can make use of EL wires and place them on stairs to ensure the safety of your loved ones. 

Illuminating Surfaces: EL paint is a type of coating that emits light when current is passed through it. So, if you love illuminating surfaces, this one’s for you. It is durable and you don’t have to worry about safety. As it is not hot and safe to touch. You can convert any boring surface into an exterior you like. From the wall of your home to the body of your guitar, your vehicles, or even handrails, you can spray it. But, we recommend you get it done with the help of a professional painter. They are trained and have a complete idea about the top coat that will suit the surface and meet your requirement of design goals.

Billboards: Billboards are usually placed in high traffic areas for advertising purposes. The unique properties of EL Tapes have made advertising easier. This is the reason that it has caught the attention of photographers, designers, and advertisers. 

Above all, it has very low power consumption and is formed with the help of recyclable substances. These characteristics make it a perfect choice for billboarding. It can be a great option when you have to sell your house and need advertising methods, EL tapes can serve the purpose. 

Night- Time Visibility: Do you want a product that is far brighter than the other products? If yes, then VinYL is the best solution for you. They are water-resistant and flexible. You can use it for all the areas and surfaces where you feel the need for bright light.  

Imagine attaching the illuminating device to your clothes by sewing it. This is the simplest that you can use to attach the illuminating system to your favorite garment. These materials can be easily attached to the sewing machine and get completely linked with the garment. 

Now you have an idea about its practical applications. Also, you know that it has plenty of advantages over other forms of lighting systems. So, if you want a lighting solution for your projects or even if you see a bulb getting dim, using electroluminescent materials are the smartest alternatives. You can brighten up any project with these devices and get it done according to your requirements. 

With these materials, you will gain beneficial impacts for a long period and have a long-lasting illumination mechanism. But, remember that you do not forget to take the help of the trained professionals. It is important to have technologies that are not only bright but also safe. The team of experts research and put effort to decide the best illuminating options according to your requirements. 

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