Echo Show 8 Is Better Than Echo Show 5 & Second-Gen Echo Show

Published on November 28, 2019

On my kitchen counter, I placed this smart 10-inch Alexa display to see how good it works. I liked how it guided me with recipes throughout making food. It controlled my home devices cleverly and with its booming bass shook my small apartment. But after spending time with the new Echo Show 8, I’d like to use its premium clunky cousin for the cheaper Amazon display.

Echo Show 8 Is Better Than Echo Show 5 & Second-Gen Echo Show
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The fourth intelligent display from Amazon is amazing. Its display is large enough for a video to enjoy. The integrated smart home hub found at the Echo Show is being sacrificed. But the Echo Show 8 is the best intelligent speaker made by Amazon for all purposes.

Echo Shows 8 prices and options

The Echo Show 8 comes in $129.99, and since November 21 2019 has been available on Amazon.

Amazon regularly pays off its Echo collection, and there is no exception to the Echo Show 8. As part of the Black Friday deal, we have seen the cost of the brand new display fall to $99.

Design of Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8 7.9x 5.4x 3.9-inch looks like a large Echo Show 5 replica. It is a household display with a structure of fabric swath that complements the esthetics of Echo and 3rd-gen Echo Dot 2019.

The 36.6 unit Show 8 is unassertive and stubby, unlike the sumptuous, rigid Echo Show. The space will not be restrained like the bigger show.

 The right side of the top bezel is A 1 megapixel camera. The top rim of the Echo Show 8 is decorated by four controls. Two volume buttons, one toggle the microphone and the other one is a physical camera shutter.

The satisfying switch hides the Show 8 camera and offers a tangible measure of privacy. The Echo Show 5 has a shutter but a comparable mechanism is not included in Google Nest Hub and Echo Show smart displays.

Display and interface of Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 is between the second-genre Echo Show to the Echo Show 5 in terms of display sizes. Not as immersive as the 10-inch show, but the resolution is 1280x 800.

I used Show 8 to watch an original Prime video, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’s new season. Well, action and explosion sequences were handled impressively. I still prefer to watch videos on a laptop or television. But the Echo Show 8 screen was a good companion for cooking.

The interface of Show 8 is compatible with most content types of kids.

 However, switching between various functions and multitasking could be easier. The Google Nest Hub Max card-based interface is easier to use and enables you to play several programs simultaneously.

Camera Quality of Echo Show 8

I thought that the 5MP lens of the second-generation Echo Show would justify its prize when I learned that the camera of Echo 8 had a 1 MP resolution. But the Show 8 proved me wrong when I tested the quality using my iPhone’s Alexa Drop-In.

While the second-genre Echo Show camera produced a significantly brighter photo around my hair and environment with sharper details, the Show 8 is fully acceptable in video calls. I do not see the need for a caller to spend a further $100 to better see my blonde highlights.

Audio quality of Echo Show 8

The size of Echo Show 8 disappoints its audio capabilities. The 2-inch dual speakers make the sound crunchy and booming. But it depends on how it is; face-to-face or away.

When I heard Billie Eilish with the display facing me, my table was vibrated by powerful bass. The dreamy vocals from Eilish sounded clear, but some complicated midranges of the song had been lost. I had to take my side of the display away from myself for full-sonic audio in order to unbridled reach my ears.

The bigger Echo Show speaker sounds both louder and full. But again it is not sufficient to make it more precious than the Show 8. The smart display is not designed to be a primary audio device thanks to so many excellent Alexa speakers.

Features of Echo Show 8 Alexa

The Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s voice assistant’s visual vehicle. The Echo Show 8 is a one-stop, smart home remote between manual control compatibility and voice commands inside the interface. You can use it to manage routines, activate and monitor your smart lights. It supports the Alexa Drop In intercom feature and the hands-free calling.

Alexa is learning new skills every now and then. However, some of the best Alexa competencies, like live Food Network cooking classes, are exclusive for displays. Amazon has partnered with the culinary TV scholar to instruct celebrity chefs in your kitchen at home. I didn’t have the opportunity yet to check it out. But it’s worth the Food Network application subscription.

Alexa on Echo Show 8’s notable disadvantage is that you cannot request to start YouTube videos. In the display, you still have access to YouTube, but this is a frustrating process. As I discovered in my intelligent assistant, Google Assistant in this court has the advantage.

Final Verdict

Get Echo Show 8 if you are searching for an economic, smart and all Alexa Super Powers-support display. It is a major upgrade from the 5th Echo Show and smart in less than $100 than the second-genre Echo Show. Besides, it has an important private feature, a physical camera shutter.

Amazon always seeks ways of Alexa’s overwhelm homes. Yet Show 8 does not have the niche or entitlement of other invasion attempts. It transforms Alexa into a leisure resort, which is easy on the space counter.

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