Best Antivirus Software and Apps Reviews 2019

Published on September 5, 2019
Best Antivirus Software and Apps Reviews 2019

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An antivirus is as essential as a PC’s operating system. Threats can’t be prevented without an AV program or a wide variety of anti-virus support, even if you are aware of potential attacks and are highly cautious. For example, you can unintentionally check a page displaying malicious ads. Accidentally clicking on a phishing email can put your device on serious risk.

PC security software doesn’t suggest AV is fool-proof. For example, antivirus software can often do little about zero-day attacks. However, you can be aware of unidentified malware like ransomware when accidentally install malicious files on your laptop. Anyone clicking on bulk links, checking emails and download programs can receive a virus.

Our suggestions mix excellent safety, good choice of features, and an insignificant impact on your computer’s outcomes. Below is how we inspect antivirus apps:

How do we test Antivirus?

First, have a look at the interface; either it’s fast, slow, easy or complicated. Is configuration easy for important tools like password managers and searches, or is everything covered under different clicks? Elements seem clickable, but aren’t they? Are alerts instructional or informative and useful in a given context?

We’ll also focus on accessibility features. All good and popular antivirus have features, such as password managers and firewalls, such as real-time security and scanning, but many providers offer features beyond fundamental security. We try to figure out if any other features that sound good are particularly good or just frills.

To evaluate software services suite demands, we use two criteria/benchmark. The first is a normal Work Conventional Test by PCMark 8 that simulate various workloads including video chat, web browsing, and editing spreadsheets.

Before installing the security suite, we run the benchmark. After the software is installed, we run the second benchmark and full scan test simultaneously on Windows 10 test machine. Then, we evaluate the overall outcomes to see if results are significantly reduced between the two benchmarks.

Handbrake is also used to transcode a video for harsher stress test before and after setting up AV. Generally, this encoding test uses 100% of CPU on most of the home PCs. We assess transcoding to see if there’s a substantial decrease.


Norton Security software is almost the same as for a few years. You can see the current status of your PC at the top of Window. You are good to go if the status is green and signed, “You’re protected.” The new update now tells you how many of your licensed Norton devices are in use — Premium lets you install the security on 10 devices.

In total, it’s simple to comprehend the whole section. It is possible to perform a custom scan, standard quick scan, full system scan, optimize hard disk (not SSD), backup data and remove temporary browsing files.

Norton Security Premium has not overhauled the system but has developed its capacities to preserve a powerful standard of surveillance and safety. It’s always good to get something new but you don’t get it in 2019 version. Ultimately, you get more or less the same product.

If you already use Norton no excuse to change it, and anyone wanting a new antivirus alternative should highly suggest using Symantec’s safety choice.


Bitdefender has recently created its 2019 Consumer Antivirus Suites and revised Bitdefender Total Security to its highest expectations. At first look, complete 2019 safety seems quite distinct from 2018’s version.  The new Dashboard has been added and the weird dark mode has been removed in the latest version. Many features are still the same but enough modifications are created to meet customer’s needs.

The fresh Dashboard in the right row is the most notable difference. It allows clients to connect with antivirus suite in a primary customizable core. It includes some of important features at interface including a VPN (a new feature), a quick scan, Safepay and ability to install full scan on a desktop.

With all of their various tests and privacy functionalities, protection is still Bitdefender’s meat and potatoes in real-time. The Network Threat Protection is a fresh feature included in the latest version. This automated system ensures that your computer is safe from botnet attacks brute-force access attacks, and secure your sensitive data.

A new Ransomware Remediation feature helps to reverse any ransomware encrypted files. Antivirus, antispam, advanced threat defense, firewall, and safe files are nearly the same. Bitdefender is an enhanced antivirus suite. The autopilot is a great feature. Ransomware remediation is the main tool for safeguarding your laptop if nothing else.

Including a VPN— with HotSpot Shield’s Anchor Free facility— can save money if you need a VPN to protect yourself at accessible mobile Internet hotspots.


The program is easy to understand. Eight basic, database update, scan, password manager, safe money, privacy protection, My Kaspersky and parental control options are available.

The scan is the best and significant feature, of course, with all the features you can think of. Searching for specific folders and finding an external device for USB drives can be done quickly, fully, and selectively.

Safe Money is one of the features of the dashboard that can cause some confusion. This version of the Kaspersky sandbox browser, recognized as the Protected Browser, differs from the rest of your system. The payment or bank websites are automatically added to the local database when entering Safe Money. You can open the website in Protected Browser.

The Total Security subscription comprises the password manager, but you have to purchase it separately. It can save passwords and provides other features like save banking data, password generator, secure notes and auto-filling information of payment.

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Best Antivirus Software and Apps Reviews 2019
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