Beats X Wireless Earphones Review

Published on November 18, 2019
Beats X Wireless Earphones Review

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Are you looking for a decent pair of earphones for your gym or workout? Beats has designed a decent pair of Earphones named as Beat X wireless.

Beats Electronics LLC company has released its highly comfortable Beat X wireless earphones in February 2017.

Beat X wireless earphones are specially designed so that they can provide you a good sound quality with a high level of comfort. Also, it has a quick charge feature which is the most important thing in today’s busy life when it is really difficult to remember whether your earphones are charged or not.

Beat X wireless earphones are from a different species. It is different from the headphones as well as earphones usually designed by the company. Usually, Apple’s gadget is expensive but this time Beat has decided to make a perfect pair of neck buds at a reasonable cost.

The best feature is the quick charge ability of the Beat X wireless that is rarely offered by the Beats. It gives you playback time of two hours by a single charge of 5 minutes due to theW1 chip used in the Beat X wireless.

  1. Price & Availability:

The release price of Beat X wireless was $149 which is a bit expensive when considering earphones. But when considering beats you can expect such price as reasonable because the most gadget of beats is expensive. As it’s been more than 2 years since the date Beat X wireless was released. Now you may get a pair of Beat X wireless in about $100.

  1. Design:

Beat X wireless has a “neckless” style that means the right and left wire is connected with a single cable that is on the neck of the user. Both left as well as right wires have the same length. Beat X wireless has 2 two 2 inches earphones.

The right bud with the power button allows the user to turn on the Beat X wireless earphones as well as pairing it with iPod or iPhone. While on the other hand left bud contains a charging port that uses Apple’s lightning connector. It also has 8.5 inches of charging cable too. The left pod also has Siri compatible Microphone used for taking audio calls. Inline control of Beat X allows you to play/pause, skip the song, or rewind the song.

Beat X is designed for a comfortable experience. These are very lightweight earphones that do not put any pressure either on the ears or on the neck.

Beat X is water resistance that means that you can use them during workout or gym but you can’t use the pair in the pool. When u remove them from ears they do not tangle up rather they are attached to each other using a magnet.

Beat X wireless comes in black, white blue and grey.

  1. Sound Quality:

Beat X  is a perfect pair of earphones for a daily basis but the sound quality is an average one. The sound quality of Beat X wireless is clear. They produce a more natural kind of sound. It has quite decent noise cancellation technology that means noise would not disturb you even in the fish market. Even passive noise cancellation also works great the sound from the Beat X wireless does not reach outside.

Beat X wireless earphones maintain balance in the middle range. It neither produces a high-level pitch nor low-level bass.

The quality of calls is also good. In-line,control is used for picking up and hanging up the phone.

  1. The battery life of Beat X wireless Ear Buds:

The thing we loved about the pair of Beat X is its 8 hours long playback time.  The quick charge feature introduced in the Beat X wireless earphones provides 25% of charge with the 5 minutes of charging that lets your pair of Beat X wireless earphones last for 2 hours that is pretty amazing.

These ears phones are not designed for standard music listener but it will attract the people who do workout due to its fitting abilities. It provides a good quality of audio but it does not have high bass. However, there are some better earphones with better audio quality are available in the market. The fact we all cannot deny is its quick charging ability as well as long battery life that makes people buy this product.

If you have any queries you may ask in the comment section below. We will answer them as soon as we receive them  Have a happy using!!!

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Beats X Wireless Earphones Review
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