Apple’s New Feature: Medication Reminders Is a Step in the Right Direction

Published on June 10, 2022
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff

Apple just announced new features coming to the Apple Watch to let users monitor their heart rate and stress levels and start exercising with the watch. Additionally, it will also remind users to take their medication. However, this feature isn’t going to be available for everyone, and it’s unclear how exactly Apple plans on implementing this feature. Do they mean to remind users to take their pill every morning? If so, can you let something like that become a digital nag? We know that staying healthy is challenging for many reasons: time constraints, cost of gym memberships, lack of motivation, etc. About 70% of all adults aren’t meeting the recommended guidelines for physical activity. It’s refreshing to see tech companies implement products with health in mind. Let’s dive deeper into why this feature is an essential first step toward improving healthcare through technology.

The Technology Behind Medication Reminders

The medication reminder feature will look at what pills you’re taking when you last took them and the dosage. However, it’s unclear how the software will do this. The Apple Watch has been criticized for only being able to connect to a single iPhone. So, the iPhone must be nearby for the watch to connect to your iPhone. This means that the feature is best for people with iPhones who don’t travel often. For people with an iPhone and who take daily medications, the Apple Watch will remind them to take their pills. If they miss a dose, the watch will ask if they want to take medicine now. And if they take their medications on time every day, they’ll get a visual cue on the watch.

Fitness trackers and medication reminders go hand in hand

Tracking your fitness and taking your medications are two activities that go hand in hand. You can track how your body reacts to certain medicines by monitoring fitness. For instance, if you’re taking an anti-anxiety medication and notice a decline in workout performance, you should speak with a doctor to see if the dosage needs to be adjusted. In fact, by monitoring your fitness and medications together, you may notice trends that would otherwise go unnoticed. For example, if you’re taking a daily blood pressure medication, a fitness tracker can monitor your blood pressure daily and send the results to your doctor. This can help you and your doctor monitors the effectiveness of your medication.

Apple is making a big bet on digital health

Apple is hoping to make a big bet on digital health. By integrating features such as the medication reminder, it’s clear that Apple wants to be more than just a device manufacturer. The company has been working for years to build partnerships with health and fitness apps. The Apple Watch only works with iPhones. And the iPhone only works with certain types of health apps. Apple has been criticized for not letting apps communicate with each other. As a result, you can’t use your fitness data to track your medication. That’s all about to change. The company recently announced bringing all health apps together through a single app dubbed Apple Health. This new app will let all your health apps talk to each other.

Monitor your heart rate and stress levels

The Apple Watch can now measure your heart rate and stress levels. So if you’re stressed, the watch will ask you to take a deep breath. And if you’re having a heart-related issue, it will send you to a medical app. This feature makes sense for people with heart diseases and other medical conditions that can be caused by stress. And it’s a great way to let people know if they should see a doctor.

Start exercising with the watch

The Apple Watch has a feature that lets you start exercising with the click of a button. Once you’re done, you will know if you hit your daily goal. It will even give you badges for extra motivation. This feature is excellent for people who work out regularly and can be used with almost any exercise. And if you’re using a wearable device, your data will be saved in Apple Health.


Apple’s new features are a step in the right direction for health tech. It’s refreshing to see a tech company like Apple implement features that encourage users to improve their health. Now, it’s important to remember that technology can only go so far. Technology won’t magically make it disappear if you’re struggling with depression or anxiety. Therefore, it’s essential to seek help from professionals when you need it.

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