Apple Finally Releases First iOS 12.2

Published on January 25, 2019

As you all must have the new 12.1 version in use in your device and the good news is that Apple has again released a new iOS which is the 12.2 developer beta. This new update is coming today in the market for all the users. As earlier as well when Apple launched the iOS 12.1, the update was available for all. Not only this the new Watch OS 5.2 beta 1 has also been released today and if not will be reached to you by today itself. The updates are meant to be downloaded as soon as possible.

Earlier when Apple was out with the new updates which were iOS 12.1.3 which typically focus on all the bugs as well as security improvements for all the iOS users whereas now when Apple launches new update which is of iOS 12.2, the updates say that it has been done with the minor new features which should be provided to the user for effective work. Not only this Apple officially said that the new iOS 12.2 will also share some of the clues about all the new devices and that too with new iPads.

Image Source: 9 to 5 Mac

Apple has given some new reports which say that it will be soon launching the new iPad of 10-inch which will be better than the old and present 9.7-inch iPad. Not only this more gadget reviews has also been given in the reports such as by replacing the old iPad 4 by the new by launching iPad 5. As well as few days before as well Apple leaks some of the reports about the Airpods 2 that it will soon meet the market and will be a somehow more interesting gadget in the market, with this the new Airpods 2 will be somehow different than the earlier one because the new Airpods support some of the health features, such as it helps to monitor the heart rate and also found that cardiac output as well.

Apple has said that all the iPhones and iPad will have some updates with the new iOS 12.2 beta 1 as soon as when it will be released. The reports also said that the public beta version has been available for a few days for free after the developer beta versions of new software updates. The major thing which everyone should know is that something is charged like $99/year which the developer account will be needed and also required to access iOS developer betas. The interesting news about this is that Apple’s developer program supports the WatchOS beta and whereas Apple’s public beta program is only limited to certain things such as till iOS, tvOS and also to macOS.

Below is the list of the beta version which was found from the reports which were added by 9 to 5 Mac.

  1. iOS 12.2 beta 1 – 16E5181f
  2. watchOS 5.2 beta 1 – 16T5181f
  3. tvOS 12.2 beta 1 – 16L5181f
  4. macOS 10.14.4 beta 1 – 18E174f
  5. Xcode 10.2 beta 1 – 10P82s

Therefore the changes which have been done to date are:

  1. It expands the base of Apple News to Canada.
  2. In the control centre as well, the screen mirroring icon has also been changed and controlled.
  3. Also, the new beta version updates allow the Apple TV remote to work with Apple AirPlay 2.
  4. In the Apple Maps, air quality feature has also been added
  5. Not only this the most interesting update is that website which will be open in safari 12.1on macOS version 10.14.4 will also use dark mode in that.

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