Alienware Aurora R8: Is It Best Gaming Desktop?

Published on November 15, 2019

Alienation Aurora provides the best gaming exposure. If you are a starter from scratch and want to have the best possible gaming desktop experience, then Alienation Aurora R8 would be the best choice for you. It provides strong gaming performances as well as many other amazing provisions.


In specifications, Alienation Aurora R8 is a classic product. There is the provision of 16GB DDR4 RAM. There is another great feature in Alienation Aurora R8 is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. It works with Windows 10. It is an Intel Core i7-9900K CPU. Alienation Aurora R8 512GB M.2 SSD + 1TB SATA hard disk. This is a bit bigger than that of its competitors. There are few components are a bit difficult to reach. There is a provision of lots of configurations in Alienation Aurora R8. It is petty much easy to open. It relishes with strong performances. There is a number of ports that provide a lot of ease and bulk of things in one set.


Alienation Aurora R8 aesthetically has not changed from the very front of its desk. Its looks are the same as it was with the past one. Its design is the same since Aurora5 2016. And it is not bad instead it is to provide ease to the gamers for upgradations. There is some simple RGB lighting, UFO inspired the look and aggressive angles. If you are a fan of Alienware’s aesthetics of in case you have invested in Alienware display, then it is for sure that Alienation Aurora R8 will not be a disappointing, surely.


Alienation Aurora R8 is at the same size as most of the mid-sized gaming desktops at 18.6*14.2*8.4 inches. It accommodates up to two graphic cards and the closest competitor of Digital Storm Lynx 18*18*8 inches as well as Origin PC Neuron compact 16.5*15.3*6.8 inches. It weighs 32 pounds.

Alienation Aurora R8 provides games and the creatives with the great potential that are really interested in this design. There is a provision of ample space in Alienation Aurora R8 which will help to storage drivers. It is PC which will grow with you and it will not become stale instead will provide you with the experience of old and strong. Storage space should not be a concern for any of the collectors.

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Alienation Aurora R8 PC styling may not be your liking but the lack of the ports should not be a complaint in it. There is the provision of the abundance of ports that were the mainstay on the back whereas the flash drivers on the front. Front ports are just provided at the Alienware glowing head logo. On its rear, you will see a SPDIF connector, single USB-C port, 8 USB-A ports, audio jacks, and single USB 3.1 Type-A port. Usage of all these ports changes on the basis of graphic cards.

Alienation Aurora R8 provides a design that you really need to have in a very unique way. In can easily be an economical design for the gamers with the provision of eight different pre-built configurations to choose from.


It costs around $2500 after discounts but prices vary for upgradations which really add a lot in its performances, like that of Core i9-9700 processor, speedier RAM, etc. will be an add up in its price which will quickly rise to $4500.

Comparison with its rivals

Alienation Aurora R8 is the closest competitor of Omen Obelisk. But its design is a bit bulkier than that of the obelisk as well as the competitors provide more aesthetically amazing designs than that of it. Its all in all depends on you, if you are feeling good with the spaceship appeals and you want more options in the configurations, then Aurora would be a better option for you. It is for those who are looking for something personalized out of the box.

Although Alienation Aurora R8 has awarded a warranty of on year it can last surely to 5 years with the maximum provision of performances. There is a flexible design case in Alienation Aurora R8, this will keep the gaming process fresh for years on road allowing the DIY upgrades in the future. There is absolute ease of the upgradability as well as the provision of maximum ports, make it an amazing product with more complete packages in one. And I would say yes for the Alienation Aurora R8 purchase because of the provision of maximum capabilities of better performances with respect to many of the other PC’s in the market.

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