10 Great Gadgets for Long-Distance Couples

Published on October 1, 2020

Being at a long distance isn’t easy. You have every means to talk, communicate, approach each other mentally, but the tactile part isn’t there. Wait, or is there a way to overcome this burden? Maybe, you are in love with a Ukrainian woman, a Spanish lady, or an American girl? How do you keep in touch… literally? In 2020, everything is possible! Here is a list of handy gadgets to unite you with significant others virtually.

1. Logitech C270 Webcam

These days, webcams are more than popular. Because of quarantine and all that, people work from home fairly often. Consequently, the demand for a webcam amped up. But since you are most evidently not streaming professionally, there is no need to splurge on a thing you won’t use too often. Logitech C270 is the best choice for those who are on a budget. Despite 720p quality, this small webcam is enough for a Skype call or everyday conversations. You can also easily tweak the settings, plugging it into the computer and simply turning the camera on. Most video chats add this camera by default, so that is doesn’t require too much work. 

2. SVEN MK-170

It’s a simple and super affordable microphone for communicating without background noises. Using this device will not give you a perfect sound, but it will allow you to talk without hearing rippling or a camera’s autofocus noise. Basically, you will have to attach it to your clothes and use it as a small microphone when talking via video calls. 

3. Hey Bracelets 

These bracelets let you feel your partner’s gentle touch from a distance. With Hey Bracelets, you get a set of two bracelets (for you and your partner) and two chargers. The device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you send a touch, the app directs it to your partner’s app on their smartphone.

4. Kissenger

If you haven’t seen each other for a long time, this device will imitate your partner’s kiss. Kissenger understands your smooches and transmits them to the SO’s device. It is not yet on sale and is only available for pre-order. Kissenger will look like an impersonal head with lips, which is kind of comic but also cute. 

5. Pillow Talk

The device helps you fall asleep to your SO’s heartbeat, even if they are on the other side of the planet. The set includes a bracelet that reads the heart rhythm and a receiver that reproduces the sound. These devices are hidden in the pillow. All the data is sent via a unique app directly to your smartphone. 

6. Lovense Sex Toys

Install the app, turning your smartphone into a remote control in a matter of a second. From now, you can let your partner please you from a distance. You can also give your partner who’s thousands of miles away, full control. All they need to do is to download the application and add you to their contacts and then give permission to control your toy from their smartphone.

7. The HB Ring

TheTouch startup developed their legendary HB Ring, which allows two people to hear each other’s heartbeats in real-time. The rings are synchronized with the smartphone. To connect with the partner’s ring, you need to double-click on it. The app will send a signal to the second ring so that you can feel your partner’s pulse and see the light beams coming out of it.

8. Apple Watch

The gadget can monitor health, call and send messages, and much more. But the reason we chose this gadget for our list is that it remembers the pulse of your significant other and is able to recreate it on your hand. 

9. Vibease

The vibrator connects to the application, which both of you can download. Everything is in your partner’s hands! They set the rhythm and strength of the vibration, making intimacy feel real despite the distance. 

10. Bond Touch

With this bracelet, both partners get the opportunity to express their attention, love, and support from any distance. Bracelets are made to interact through an app on a smartphone.

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