YouTube can say about the time spent on the app

Published on August 31, 2018

The digital wellbeing features in Android 9 Pie which is said to be in the beta version. Now, Google seems to expand the online health as well as wellness of the endeavours on the YouTube as it will help you to prevent it yourself from watching too many bad videos.


These new tools are said to be pretty straightforward as well as it is consist of the collection of the stats which can tell you about how much the time you have spent on watching the YouTube. There are also some toggles to control the kind of YouTube notifications that you usually get as well as how often you can see them with the ability to set the time limits to take the break.

The stats breakdown of the YouTube is said to be split which is into today, yesterday or a weekly average to give the better sense of how much time you usually spend on watching the videos. The data is based on about the watch history. If you have clear the history or turned off the history, then YouTube cannot provide accurate watch time for you.

Till now this is not clear whether the YouTube counts offline videos that may have been viewed when they were not connected to the internet. If you have got some multiple channels listed under the same Google accounts, then it will need to switch back to the main account to see the watch times. It also seems that the watching YouTube videos when it has signed in as another channel which doesn’t get credited to the main account.

On mobile, you can check the watch time by just opening the YouTube and then tapping the portrait which is present in the right corner of the screen to open the settings menu. Then you need just to hit the options than to say Time Watched. In the desktop version, the company has not updated the web interface with the controls for the digital well being yet. It is said that this feature will be rolling out from today.


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