You must see the biggest problem with iPhone XS and XR

Published on November 5, 2018

Apple launched a trio of its iPhone this year named iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR. Apple iPhone XS and XS Max are the OLED ones and the third one named XR is the cheapest with LCD display. All three devices are powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic chipset and frankly, these are one of the most powerful smartphones on the planet right now. From design to the features like the Face ID everything is perfect.

iPhone XS, iPhone XR, Apple

But besides these pros, there is a con which user needs to understand about these iPhones. And this fault has nothing to do with the hardware rather it’s all linked with Apple’s business practices. In this business practices, you might not have noticed that Apple charges a premium for its smartphones that what we call ‘Apple Tax’, according to the company critics.

As compared to some other same featured Android smartphones in the market Apple costs a little high but frankly speaking there is no value of that high cost. You are just paying high values for the logo of Apple present at the back of the smartphone, but for most fans, it’s worth the investment.

Some major problems with these recent iPhones are like they support fast charging none of them comes with a charge which supports fast charging. But Apple is serving its customers with the same charging setup in the box. Moreover, recently launched iPhone comes with a pair of lightning-compatible world headphones, the phone doesn’t even come with a supportive dongle that allows you to use a pair of 3.5 mm cans.

To gain that feel of wireless earphone you gain need to spend 200 bucks, later if you wish you have a smartphone compatible with your iPhone then it will cost you 700-800 bucks. So in short if you want to gain a complete feel of an Apple iPhone paired with your smartwatch and a Bluetooth enable headphone then you need to spend more than 2500 bucks for that which actually matters a lot but again for Apple fans, it’s worth investment. So this is just which I feel bad with the purchase of new iPhones.

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iPhone XS, iPhone XR, Apple
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