Xbox Project Scarlett: Features, Release Date and More

Published on September 5, 2019
Xbox Project Scarlett: Features, Release Date and More

Xbox Project Scarlett: Features, Release Date and More: Image Source

It looks as if a new era of consoles will begin in 2020. There is no latest device officially announced by Sony or Microsoft, but it is clear that next year, we will see the PlayStation and Xbox at the E3 2020. A few months ago. Sony revealed exciting data about next project with online platform Wired. During E3 2019, Microsoft gave the first and nearly full information on the upcoming consoles.

We know a little about Xbox by Microsoft, including the title. When discussing features of the console, Sony takes care not to mention the name “PlayStation 5” for its upcoming console. The features, specs, price and launch date of the two devices are not revealed officially, but we can look at devices according to the two companies kept us up to date.

Project Scarlett-Xbox

Microsoft finally announced Xbox Project Scarlett at its June 2019 E3 session after much speculation. Xbox produces 60 frames per second Native 4K games. To ensure ray tracing on consoles and nearly no load time, next-gen Xbox intends to generate native 4K games at 60 frames per second.

Up to now, we only have some data about Microsoft’s next-generation XBOX. The project’s codename is “Scarlett Project”. But we know it will come, and we can tell you some of its features and specs once it arrives. Here are the pre-arrival features and spec details of Scarlett Project:

By 2020, Xbox Scarlett chases to be the strongest gaming system in the world. It’s faster and more developed graphically than the previous PS5. HDR and ray tracing are good for video games, but framerate is the game’s most significant technical element. Microsoft acknowledges this aspect and as the Scarlett Project will start, framerate will be the main focus for the company.

Speaking of GameSpot, Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox, stated that the problem for his team during next-generation consoles would be to ensure that the game runs at the greatest feasible framerate, with minimum loading times. This varies from the objective at this point, where 4 K graphics were mainly introduced after the Xbox One X. This system’s power implies 4 K native resolution can be reached with 60 frames per second gameplay, but this is not common. Both must choose heavier PS4 Pro.

Specs: Project Scarlett Xbox

We don’t yet understand what the Xbox Project Scarlett will look like with just a sizzle reel to travel by, not to forget if it will be considered the Xbox Two in the future. In any case, we have a smart idea of its inward kit, and the specs of the Xbox Project Scarlett are very extraordinary as of now.

Xbox Project Scarlett will be 4x more dominant than the Xbox X One with custom AMD processors using Zen 2 and Navi designs. With ray-tracing tech at real-time, running a 120 Hz frame rate game at 8 K resolution will be possible.

As is the case with the PS5, an SSD will be provided with both the choice of a digital RAM and a load time efficiency of 40 times. It’ll allow developers to play a game in much broader settings. The console will fit into a meaty GDDR6 in terms of “Standard” RAM.

Games: Project Scarlett Xbox

We are looking forward to watch Xbox Project Scarlett blockbuster games. The most recent Halo Microsoft franchise installation is on the top of the chart. It is said that Halo Infinite is developed and designed to display all features of Xbox Project Scarlett.

The Xbox Project Scarlett released the name of “Halo Infinite” as a part of its Project, which brought the Master Chief for the franchise’s first appearance since 2015. Five years will have passed in 2020 since the release of a new Halo mainline game. Thus, for the new Halo game, gamers and fans will be chomping.

The first must-play game of the original Xbox is Halo Franchise. Therefore the step towards starting a next-gen Halo game on Microsoft’s side is both meaningful and quite entrepreneurial.

You won’t want to play games at first if you are not interested in Halo, particularly if you are a current Xbox player. Three generations of backward compatibility will be available for Xbox Project Scarlett too. Furthermore, it will feature games from Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the very first Xbox as well as Scarlett-era games.

After its revelation at E3 2019, we’ll also see the CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 appearing in new Xbox in 2020. It seems to be a modern action and no one but Keanu Reeves ‘John Wick’ will be part of it. Other titles are speculated, but we expect a full list to be revealed nearer to the release.


Microsoft is still not going to be stuck at the price point. No wonder the cost of Xbox One was a tough thing for the Xbox lovers.

The cost of the console parts will determine the exact price: Xbox Scarlett is significantly higher than Xbox One X or Xbox One S, which mean that Microsoft is looking for a higher cost.

But switching to streaming can lead to a lower hard drive-or maybe even an option to purchase without a hard drive-that will reduce costs.

In an interview with Windows Central, Jason Ronald, the platform manager of Xbox, gave a vague word that “the console has a fair cost and clients should expect a fair price.” But Microsoft will also bear in mind the latest Sony PS5. It doesn’t want Project Scarlett to be only undermined by its primary opponent.

Launch Date

Microsoft announced at E3 that it would launch the Scarlett Xbox on Holiday 2020. Microsoft definitely expects everyone before Christmas to have a console on the purchasing list. The Sony PS5 is reported to be launching at the same time. There is, therefore, a strong possibility that both tech giants will fight for supremacy.

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Xbox Project Scarlett: Features, Release Date and More
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