Windows 10 comes with some interesting file explorer update

Published on August 31, 2018

The time when Microsoft has launched its touch-centric Windows 8 for the desktop, at that time, it was met with some great deal of resistance. Since that time the company has taken a step back, and it started to offer the users with some familiar traditional Windows again for the desktop versions. But it has flipped over in between the touch-based as well as non-touch UIs. There is a point which says that they lack the touch-based file manager on Windows 10.

Windows 10

But it seems that the things are changing with some surprising updates to the UWP universal File Explorer which might be setting up the stage for the ever-elusive Project Andromeda foldable device. This type of tough friendly UWP based universal File Explorer is not new to the world. It is said to be a part of the Windows 10 Mobile which came to the Xbox One which is even HoloLens. During the last year, it has sneaked into the Windows 10 version 1703 which needs to use some tricks.

In the company’s latest build update for the upcoming all-new Windows 10 version 1809 release, the Universal File Explorer will be getting the first update in this. The system will be getting a new feature which will be making more senses on the devices with a mouse or stylus which is rather than a touch-only interface. This will also bring some features like to the UWP app which was found in the legacy Windows File Explorer.

The Universal File Explorer will be remaining hidden in version 1809. This signifies that it is not the officially meant for the desktop version. The Windows’s Central sources will be claiming that the reason for the update is not the Windows 10 desktop but the Windows Core OS. The leaner version of Windows is meant to be used in the Surface Hub 2, The HoloLens 2 as well as on the Surface Phone/ Andromeda. These Windows Central have got a guide to enable the app which in case it will prefer the Windows 10 as in the form of the tablet.  It is believed that the company is also testing a new Windows Photos App.  It will allow the users to edit the photos quicker.

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