Which Is The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+?

Published on November 18, 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10+

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Note 10 and Note 10+ from Samsung offer a similar model, including a glass and metal frame of the Samsung Galaxy, a slim bezel, a single 10-megapixel punch hole on the front and a set of vertical rear camera.

The same chipset–Qualcomm Snapdragon855 or Exynos 9825 is also assembled in both devices; the headphone jack is 3.5 mm in both.

Certain differences include an embedded Bluetooth-enabled S Pen on both phones as well as an ultrasonic fingerprint recognition sensor and the same user interface, both of which come with 4G LTE and 5G versions, country-independent–and only the Note 10 + version in 5G is available in Europe.


Unsurprisingly, in terms of physical size and weight, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 + vary.

Note 10+ is only slightly larger than Note 9, rendering it the most obvious successor for Note. It sounds like the two previous phones. Note 10 however, in terms of size providing a larger smartphone but with the benefit of an S Pen, is similar to the regular S10. Which ensures it’s easier to handle, so if you needed a shorter note.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with a 6.3-inch display while the Note 10 + has a 6.8-inch panel, making it Samsung’s biggest display handset.

Both are Super AMOLED panels as well as HDR10 + coverage. Nevertheless, there are various differences too. Note 10 + provides a Quad HD+ resolution resulting in 401ppi and 498ppi pixel densities while Note 10 provides a Full HD+ display.

That’s a slightly weird change for Samsung, who was fairly consistent in offering high resolutions on smaller devices, such as the Galaxy S10. The drop in resolution may not really make a big difference, but it seems like Samsung’s slowly changing course. Basically, size matters when using the S Pen, so we would choose the bigger phone.

Storage & RAM

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 includes 8GB of RAM and comes in a single model with a storage capacity of 256 GB and no space for microSD.

The note 10+ is of 12 GB RAM and is available with a 512 GB and a 256 GB option, both of which are supported by microSD. The 10+ is thus the slightly stronger handset, although the real world quality is doubted.

Battery Life

A 3500 mAh battery power is promised for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. In the meantime Note 10+ offers a battery of 4300mAh. We believe that the larger phone is preferred by power users because Galaxy S is known by the fact that smaller devices can have difficulty keeping them up.

The two provide 45W charger adopter but both have reverse wireless recovery, or power-share by Samsung.

Rear Camera Difference

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which Note 10 + include a vertical three-phase rear camera consisting of the main 12-megapixel dual-open (f/1.5 and f/2.4) lens and OIS, a ultra-wide 16-megapixel camera with a f/2.2 aperture, and a 12-megapixel cameras with f/2.1 and OIS apertures.

Note 10 + also has a fourth time voltage sensor on the rear too, called DepthVision Camera by Samsung. It has a VGA resolution and a f/2.4 aperture – and allow a more details in pictures.

Color Difference

The Note 10 and Note 10 + are offered in three colors with Aura Black and Aura Glow, both of which are available in both phones.

The Note 10 is also available in the Aura Pink version, and the 10 + in the Aura White edition.

Final Words

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + delivers more batteries and more Ram in contrast to regular Note 10. It provides a bigger and clearer screen, more storage options and a quad rear camera.

However, the Note 10 + is more expensive than the standard Note 10 and is therefore heavier, so that nobody may like it, although the Note 10+ has more facilities and is essentially the equivalent to the Note 9 model.

The irony is that we see this as a break-down: existing Note users will move to Note 10+, since they will like the new size of their device; Note 10 merely appeals to those who have already been put off by the Note.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Note 10+
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