Where Does Complexity Come From? (Big Picture Ep. 3/5)04:33

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Published on January 21, 2017

This video is about the difference between complexity and entropy, and how complex things like life can arise from disorder. Thanks to Google Making and Science for supporting this series, and to Sean Carroll for collaborating on it! His book can be found here:

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This video is about the difference between complexity and entropy, and how we can see complex things like life, planets, galaxies, humans, intelligence, consciousness, etc arising in our universe when the overall tendency of the second law of thermodynamics is towards increasing entropy and disorder. It turns out that gravitational collapse & other complex structures (such as tendrils that form when coffee and milk mix) arise naturally as part of the path towards increasing entropy.


Sean’s blog:

Another article by Sean about complexity and god:

Sean Carroll: The Big Picture
(more great articles about entropy, etc on his blog

Interactive Entropy explainer by Aatish Bhatia:

Thanks to Micheal Aranda ( for help filming the 4k high resolution slow-motion coffee footage

Music for the series was especially composed by Nathaniel Schroeder,

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