Watch | Wireless headphones made out of seized illegal guns

Published on January 7, 2018

Sweden-based device manufacturer that goes by the name of Yevo Labs recently unveiled a paired of wireless headphones made out of metal. The interesting part about these headphones is that the metal incorporates materials taken from seized illegal guns. According to a report published by BBC, the charging case and the band on the headphones are made through the use of a material-branded Humanium.

Watch | Wireless headphones made out of seized illegal guns

Leading analysts have gone on to suggest that the material would help the headphones stand out in the crowd. The starting price of Yevo Labs’ new range of headphones is roughly $499. Yevo’s Chief Executive Andreas Vural suggested that the even though the price of the headphones were pretty high, fifty percent of it is going to be returned to the organization that creates and distributes metals.

“It is the most valuable material in the world because you can’t set a price on a human life,” he said. The BBC report adds that it took Yevo Labs roughly two years to figure out how to get around, working with the metal into their potential headphone products. The first batch of these headphones was made using Humanium created out of guns taken by the authorities in Latin America.

The headphones work on the basis of NFMI (near-field magnetic induction) technology instead of wires and even support Bluetooth connectivity. Most pacemakers and hearing aid developers utilize NFMI due to its low-frequency magnetic field existed inside the body. “Obviously, you want the headphones to be good – there is an element that you’re paying for the brand,” says Stuart Miles, founder of review website Pocket-Lint.

“What you find is there are so many headphone manufacturers out there, to stand out from the crowd you will see more and more trying to do different things In the same way as Apple does with its Red products [money from sales goes to support people living with HIV around the world] – Yevo is trying to showcase that they believe in a cause,” he adds.

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Watch | Wireless headphones made out of seized illegal guns
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