VW Shows Off Its EV Charging Robot

Published on December 30, 2020
Image Credit: [Volkswagen AG/ShoeMedia]

We have got a little more information on just how VW’s prototype robotic electric vehicle charging system is going to work.

VW showed us the first glimpse of its mobile charging robot in action. This machine is going to be very helpful for charging EVs when they are not near dedicated charging facilities. The prototype robot has a face that illuminates when the robot gets the battery trailer and plugs into your vehicle.

The robot works all by itself, fully autonomously. The process starts with the robot either communicating with your vehicle or an app. You don’t have to open the charging door and you don’t have to tell the robot when your vehicle is done charging, that automatically.

One of the neatest things about this little robot is the fact that it can leave the battery trailer charging a vehicle while it goes to service other customers. The charging system should work with all electric vehicles, not just VW models.

Volkswagen has not yet mentioned just when these charging robots will actually be out in the wild. We have, however, heard rumors that the feature should become available to the masses sometime early next year.

There’s definitely a demand for it. Dedicated EV charging stations are, however, still really rare. We are hoping that the pace picks up soon.

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