Voice-controlled GLAS thermostat will support Google Assistant as well as Alexa

Published on August 21, 2018

Nest smart thermostats are done by reimaging an important but a forgotten home appliance along with the Johnson Control’s Glas. If this come, it will take the evolution to further. When Johnson Controls has announced GLAS back at CES, the flagship features about a $319 translucent smart thermostat. It was integrated with the Microsoft’s Cortana smart assistant. The Cortana has planned to launch this during the upcoming 24th August 2018. It will support Amazon’s Alexa as well as Google Assistant.

Google Assistant, Alexa

GLAS will have a feature which is built in microphone along with a speaker. It will let the users talk as well as interact with the Cortana which is straight from the device. The only Cortana is getting the privileges to its users that it will able to use Alexa as well as Assistant with its skills to control the temperature of the homes with the help of GLAS.

As per the name, GLAS will attempt to bend into a room which will be done by adopting a large translucent OLED touchscreen which will reveal the wall present behind it. The result will step beyond the Nest-style modernism which will be a Minority Report-quality futurism along with the brightly coloured buttons. It will hover within a glass pane with a top of a metallic perch.

The difference that is compared with the Nest is said to be sonic, not visual. GLAS will get its microphone as well as a speaker which can control the entire voice. For the very first time when GLAS was announced, Johnson Controls has spotlighted about the thermostat’s built-in Cortana Assistant. With this announcement for the Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant support, you can use the Cortana when you can interact directly with the GLAS. It includes both GLAS-specific controls as well as broader Cortana integration along with the Microsoft’s cloud services.

GLAS will also allow the users to change the indoor temperatures as well as they can get the current weather forecast. It can control the HVAC’s energy use. This system can also monitor the volatile organic compounds, air humidity as well as equivalent CO2 levels. They are automatically turning on the fans or ventilation equipment in order to improve the home’s air quality.

GLAS units will start to ship from 24th August, and it has got the price tag of $319. You can place pre-orders at Microsoft, Amazon, and Johnson Controls as well as selected online retailers.



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Google Assistant, Alexa
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