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Published on January 11, 2018

The recently-unveiled list of Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities have gotten a grip over the technology market, due to the intensity of danger that they hold to user’s personal information. Whether you’re a Mac user or a Google Chromebook user, you are affected by the problem. Google has published a list of Chromebook device on its Chromium Wiki, which is affected by the Meltdown vulnerability. The search giant is working towards releasing patches for the same, as soon as possible.

A list of Google Chromebooks vulnerable to Meltdown.

As noted by The Verge, if the table on the website consists of “Yes” or “Not needed” at the side of a column – ‘CVE-2017-5754 mitigations (KPTI) on M63?,’ then you need not worry about your device being affected by the problem because it isn’t. However, at the same time, if it reads, “No,’ then the device will require an update to make things right.

There is another option which reads, “EOL,” which means, ‘End of Life.’ If the device consists of this option, then the update is not going to release it as it is no longer supported. The list does not necessarily reveal something new. The information published by Google was already launched previously. Most of Google’s proprietary devices are already protected by codes of the search giant.

Since the Meltdown vulnerability is known to affect Intel processors and some of the ARM chipsets, a majority of the Chromebooks are far from trouble. At the same time, Intel-based Chromebooks are safe if they use versions 3.18 or 4.4 of the Linux kernel.

Individuals can check whether their Chrome OS-run device is safe or not by going to, “chrome://gpu” then be looking at the “Operating System” row in the table marked “Version Information.” Companies are constantly looking for speedy and convenient ways of eradicating the problems caused by the Meltdown vulnerability. This flaw is managed to scare off some of the world’s most popular processor manufacturers.

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A list of Google Chromebooks vulnerable to Meltdown
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