Valve Is Bringing Its Index VR Headset To More Countries

Published on November 24, 2019

The most anticipated VR game of 2019, Half-Life: Alyx, is said to be getting started this year. But with this news, another news too came as a surprise to many Index VR headset lovers that the company is soon going to bring the headset and controllers to other countries also. 

Image Credit: Sanford Philosopher

The sell of Index VR headsets and controllers will start in Canada and Japan from today itself. Currently, the Index headset is being sold in the US and Europe at around $999. 

If you look at the Index VR, then you can see that it comes to the market with the Lighthouse tracking system, which is already there in Vive. The VR is said to be getting shipped with the two laser-emitting base stations, and you need to go for the opposite corners of the play store for it. 

How Lighthouse system helps the valve but still not so good?

When you get the device, you can see that many users complaint about syncing problems with their 2.0 base stations. The design done by developers is seen to be good. In the device, you can find two front-facing cameras, and they can show the user the outside world. But it is not the thing in it, but it too got a computer vision experiments, and it makes some best sense for you also. 

In the front, it includes the compartment, which comes with a Type-A USB port so that it can get the plugin the right way.  

Design of the Index

On holding the Index VR in your hand, you can feel there is an excellent design of it. It comes for you with good quality pads, which gives you comfort. The helmet-like headband too tight, and the dial is present in the back. The lenses current in it are adjustable and provide you with more control over the image also. 

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