Users urge Microsoft to fix a major problem with Windows 10

Published on April 8, 2018

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is identified as being the most successful software by a bar. While there are a few problems with the OS, however, there are a lot of newer UI elements and news that make opting for the system worthy. The Redmond technology giant is consciously working toward improving the user experience for all of the users. However, the real problem arises when it comes to the Windows Store. While many might recommend users not to make use of the operating system, the real danger shows up when it comes to choosing games from Microsoft’s very own collection. There are a lot of gaming titles on the Microsoft Store that is reportedly not worth missing. Take, for example, Forza Horizon 3 and Gears Of War 4 that require users to opt for Windows Store to access them.

Windows 10, Microsoft

A report by Fortune states that Gears Of War has already been listed on the website as an updated version. Meanwhile, the latest version of Gears Of War 4 update is going to come soon enough. However, there is a bigger awaiting the users. The drawback about the Windows Store is that it does not end up offering any installments outside of its system. Moreover, users have often complained about facing troubleshooting problem with the system. As per the statements made by the users, they usually end up re-installing the entire system with an effort to make it work. However, it doesn’t appear that it is working out for them. A report by Forbes notes that they even tried creating newer user accounts, delete folders and tweak registry settings to make the system work. However, it did not work. Therefore, users are urging Microsoft to work on the problems that the store is causing.

The system not just features the self-own problems that the applications end up performing. However, the problem takes place as far as the entire Windows Store is concerned. According to numerous reports, the Redmond technology giant has reportedly attempted to remove the need for users to decide where to place the applications. The latest system ends up suiting numerous users, who end up caring about ‘c: Program Files app’ locations.

However, most people prefer having it installed. The lack of other options in the market might sometimes end up being a burden for broader applications. For example, one can’t have games stored in their boot SSD, even a 256GB drive, as the system would end up slowing down. Therefore, users can choose to move the application install drive if they prefer it. Readers are advised to note that this setting would end up changing all the places wherein the application function toward as such. Users don’t even have the option of opting out of a subfolder either. Therefore, Windows is required to dump all the files in the root with a selection of subfolders with incomprehensible names. While it has not been a massive problem at the moment, it turns out to be irritating for the users.

Users who opt for smaller applications on the Windows Store end up making optimum use of the provisions. There have been problems with the way Microsoft has put the proposal across with regard the store. They mostly surrounded the desire to create “modern” apps that were horrible to use. “Facebook, Twitter, etc. all have apps that are painful to use and don’t suit a high-end desktop or laptop computer. They’re mobile apps by design. But these apps are less troublesome in general. It tends to be the more traditional Windows apps, wrapped in this new store that seem to cause the problems,” notes an online report.

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Windows 10, Microsoft
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