Use These Twitch Panels To Spice Up Your Stream

Published on November 20, 2019

People using twitch will know that almost all the big streamers have fully customized themes applied to their twitch channels. If you also use twitch to stream regularly, then you can also use elements like twitch panels and overlays to fully customize your channel and match it with the overall theme of your other social media channels. This won’t only help you to stand out from the crowd, but would also help you to display important information on top of your stream. 

Twitch calls the panels “Twitch Extensions” and appreciates the use of such elements by the content creators streaming regularly on the platform. Twitch also has it’s own collection of extensions and promotes the use of third party ones too. They have a extension manager build into the platform to help the creators in this regard. 

Recent twitch updates have further eased the process of editing and personalizing your twitch panels and overlays. In this article, we’ll be covering some of the best twitch panels that you can implement on your twitch channel right now. 

Fayzer Twitch Panel 

This panel is offered by the popular twitch extension platform named They offer over 53 types of twitch panels that you can apply to your twitch channel. You can visit this platform too to see a number of different twitch extensions like animated overlays, alerts and transitions. 

Some of the panels might be free, but to make your channel stand out, you can buy the fully customized premium twitch extension packs. The fayzer panel we mentioned earlier is built mainly for the Fortnite streamers on twitch. The whole fayzer pack is often bought by the pro fortnite players who want to give their channel a professional and customized look. 

Mega Pack For Twitch Channels 

This specifically popular pack is sold by Nerd or Die, one of the biggest platforms where you can find both paid and free twitch panels and other stuff related to streaming. 

Although most of the packs on Nerd or Die’s website are pre made, they offer a unique feature where you can select different elements from all the packs and design a fully customized twitch pack for yourself. 

Fortnite Skin Theme 

The fortnite skin theme is a free theme available on a streamer community called “Small Streamers” whose main aim is to make and provide free twitch customization packs to the streamers. 

Since is community strives to provide free packs, they suggest their members to contact them directly to get customized and one-of-a-kind made for absolutely free. So, small streamers should definitely check out this community to get the cool stuff they offer. 

Twitch Freedom Panels 

Freedom Twitch panels are currently being offered by Streamlays. The platform offers a wide variety of twitch customizing elements like stream overlays, chat boxes, animated graphics and Twitch panels for the streamers. They have some free stuff too that you should definitely try. 

Streamlays often makes game specific twitch panels. So, you can choose the pack according to your game. 

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