US teens are now limiting smartphone and social media use, Report Says

Published on August 31, 2018

As per the new study which was released by the Pew Research Center this week, US teens now seem to limit themselves from overusing the smartphone. It is said that about 54 per cent of teens are said to have spent much time on the phone as they are near to 52 per cent in which it is seen that they are now trying hard to limit the use of the phone.

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In addition to them, about 57 per cent said that they are trying hard to limit the social media usage whereas about 58 per cent is now trying to limit the video games. It is in fact; it seems that the older children are now getting the problem on balancing the smartphone usage points to the failure which is on both the parent’s parts as well as the responsibilities of the technology companies to address the addictive nature of the devices.

It seems that the companies instead of limiting the use of smartphones, they are trying to make it more addictive by bringing more interesting and addictive apps. It seems that the device makers love the addiction as they are financially benefited from the app sales as well as the in-app purchases. This also comes in addition to the device sales as they have built more tools to give the apps access to the user’s attention instead of lessening it.

But currently, it seems that the tech companies like Google as well as Apple are taking this issue seriously. Both the company are no building the in screen time monitoring as well to control the tools in the mobile operating systems. An even a big app like Facebook, Instagram as well as YouTube is now also building the screen time reminders along with the other time well-spent features. These tools main aim is to prevent the children from getting harmful side effects.

As per the report, it said that about 72 per cent of teens see the phones as soon as they wake up while about 56 per cent feel anxious when they feel lonely. 51 per cent of children feel that their parents get distracted during the conversations whereas about 31 per cent get distracted in class. 

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