These are some of the unused and unheard tricks of Spotify

Published on December 31, 2017

When it comes to a quality music-streaming service in the market at the moment, Spotify certainly tops the list. The service is a major hit on both the platforms, namely the Apple App Store and Google Play. It is also one of the first apps that individuals are found to be installed on their devices when they first purchase it. One of the main reasons why Spotify is such a major hit among individuals is because it helps players discover new music that they might actually like. However, there are still many features, tips and tricks loaded in Spotify that you might not be aware of. A report by Independent prepares the list of top tips/tricks that may come in handy:


Improve accuracy of searches

Users are provided with the ability to improve the accuracy of their searches by simply adding a little more information about what they are looking for. For example, one can add dates, genres, and albums to their searches and can jump straight to the results that they are looking for.

The Running mode

Spotify is equipped with a new type of mode called Running mode. It is known to play music that matches the running speed of the individual. You can change the pace manually as well but if you want the automatic settings, you will have to ensure that the filters which are selected are right.

Link Shazam up

Another solid way of enhancing the Spotify experience is through the use of Shazam. Users can identify newer music by simply tapping the record option on. Once Shazam recognizes the track, you can play it directly on Spotify by tapping the Play option.

Better music quality

Another great way of making Spotify better is by manually selecting the quality of the music as per your preference. You have the option of selecting between – Automatic, Normal, High and Extreme. Higher quality ends up using more data. So users are advised to be cautious while making use of this option.

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