Unagi’s Scoot Subscription Service Comes to NYC and LA

Published on August 5, 2020
Image Credit: [Unagi]

Yet another scooter-sharing service has come online in two major US cities, but the guys at Unagi seem to think its subscription service is drastically different than what’s currently available. Those in New York and Los Angeles can now rent their Unagi scooter and hold onto it for as long as their subscription is valid.

Scooters are often stolen or vandalized, and local authorities have grappled with these whos since they became so popular. Sometimes, the scooters are just poor quality.

Unagi claims that its scooters were designed to solve these problems. The company’s goal is to build a ‘Tesla-quality electric scooter’ that will compare to ‘riding a magic carpet.’

As long as you’ve got a Unagi All-Access subscription, you can take the scooter hope and not have to expect sharing it with anyone else.

If the possibility of theft or vandalism is bothering you, then rest assured with the fact that this Unagi All-Access subscription ven includes insurnce.

There are two Unagi plans: Thre’s the pay as you go $39 per month plan that you can cancel any time, and then there’s the $408 annual plan, which is equal to around $34 per month. Definitely a bit more expensive than Lime’s $4.99 per week price. But the quality really makes it worth it.

Featured Image Credit: [Unagi]

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